This Viral "Glass Froster" Is the Genius Thing Every Home Bar Needs, Especially in Summer

We just found the newest accompaniment to your designated drink station and it's absolutely perfect for summer

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Having spent plenty of time losing myself in a never-ending scroll of reels on the interior design side of social media, I've seen a myriad of trendy home buys that are made to elevate our way of life. However, it's only once in a while that I come across a truly phenomenal product that genuinely envelopes all of my attention, and this particular item is one that I've been daydreaming of for a while.

As prime entertaining season, summer calls for the ultimate combination of warm weather and cold drinks, but the scorching heat doesn't do us any favors. While ice is a great drink topper, we aren't fans of watered-down beverages, but this luxury gadget is the solution you need to add to your home bar or kitchen if you're hosting this season. Here's what you need to know.

Muretti's Glass Chiller for Long-lasting coolness

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The aforementioned video I gushed over is from NYC's Muretti, an interior company boasting functionality, durability, and beauty with its Italian-manufactured home buys. The reel in question showcased their convenient glass chiller. Fitted into the countertop next to the kitchen sink, this addition didn't display any signs of visual clutter, and from what we can tell, it's highly efficient at its job.

In the video, Muretti claims that it's the kind of product that'll never leave you worrying about your drink going warm. They mention that it's a game-changing addition that's perfect for summer, and the experts agree.

Jodi Peterman, founder of Elizabeth Erin Designs, tells us that Muretti's trendy glass chiller is a high-end addition that brings a touch of luxury to any modern kitchen or wet bar. 'As a kitchen expert, I find this stylish appliance to be perfectly designed for functionality,' she says. 'Not to mention, it's sure to wow friends and family with its sleek appearance and convenience.'

Jodi tells us that it's especially ideal for homeowners who love to entertain. 'It keeps beverages at the perfect temperature, ensuring guests always have access to chilled glasses,' she says. Like the viral waterfall sink trend, this gadget is precious in high-end kitchens, plus it's brilliant in open-concept spaces where the room often doubles as a social hub.

Real estate agent Kyle Bazylo is also a fan of Muretti's glass chiller and considers it an impressive blend of style and utility, adding a luxurious touch to any kitchen. 'The sleek design complements modern aesthetics while offering practical benefits for entertaining,' he says.

Jerome Bertuglia, owner of Prime Homes Inc., tells us that these glass chillers are becoming increasingly popular in luxury homes with state-of-the-art modern kitchens.
'We've found that such additions significantly enhance the kitchen experience, especially for clients who enjoy hosting,' he notes. 'The practicality of having chilled glassware on hand elevates the hosting experience, making it effortless and impressive.'

According to Jerome, these glass chillers can even improve the flow and utility of a space, complementing other features like gourmet appliances and extensive wine storage. 'For anyone considering Muretti’s design, it’s an investment that adds both style and practical value to any high-end kitchen.'

If you're planning on setting up a home bar or even if you simply want to be a little extra with your drinks this season, we can't think of a better buy. Besides being a fabulous bar companion, we find these chillers to also be great for an ice-cold coffee or even a crisp soft drink. Happy hosting!

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