"Waterfall Sinks" are Going Viral — Here's What You Need to Know About This New Kitchen Trend

Waterfall sinks are set to be the next big thing, revolutionizing your day-to-day washing up. Take a look at some of the best out there...

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The aesthetic appearance of the kitchen sink can often get overlooked in the design process as homeowners choose to focus primarily on functionality, but kitchen sinks don't have to be boring, nor do they have to compromise on style. 

Of course, given how often we use them, kitchen sinks need to do their job (and do it well). These days, though, beautiful designs are becoming more and more prominent, making the sink the focal point of many modern kitchens.

The latest of these trends? The waterfall sink. Homeowners and designers alike are opting for this elegant yet practical sink which comes with a whole host of benefits. Perfect for all tasks from rinsing vegetables to cleaning burnt pans, this stylish sink is well worth considering for your next kitchen upgrade. Here's why. 

How A Waterfall Kitchen Sink Works

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A waterfall sink does what it says on the tin - besides a regular faucet, it has a 'waterfall' style outlet for a steady stream of water. But it's also so much more than that. 

One of the waterfall sink's standout features is that it massively reduces water splashing. If you're used to turning on the faucet a little too vigorously and ending up with water all over your countertops and a soaking wet sweater, this kitchen sink will be revolutionary for you. The water falls gently into the basin, avoiding any excess splash so that all the washing up can be neatly contained within the sink area. 

The pressure control is game-changing and allows you to control the water flow with ease depending on the task at hand. The sink is designed to hold clip-on trays which you can place beneath the waterfall. Load the tray up with all the vegetables that need rinsing and then you can slide the tray along to store them all whilst you get started with the chopping. This sliding feature means you can have more than one tray on the go in the sink at any one time, making this a truly practical sink option. 

Of course, the design mustn't go unnoticed either. Not only do you get a slick and functional sink suited to all your sink-related tasks but the waterfall design adds a luxury touch of modern to your kitchen.

'A super functional sink feels long overdue,' says Hugh Metcalf, Editor at Livingetc.com. 'It was only a matter of time before this everyday appliance received a revamp, and these waterfall sinks are going to be at the top of everyone's renovation wishlist. I love that they don't compromise on style, too. We're all quickly realizing that sinks can be so much more than stainless steel.'

If you want to find that perfect balance of sleek yet practical, look no further than installing one of these. 


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