This Clever Kitchen DIY Creates a Stunning Paneled Backsplash, and It's so Simple to Recreate

Paneling your kitchen wall makes for a rustic farmhouse feel

DIY kitchen backsplash
(Image credit: Charlotte Holman)

Every year when January rolls around many of us yearn for a kitchen renovation. After spending too many hours in there over Christmas I myself have become sick of the sight of my bland cupboards. However, this desire for change will have to wait as a full renovation is out of the question - or so I thought.

My Instagram is often full of lust-worthy modern kitchens that I will never be able to afford. However this time, something was different. I came across a DIY video creating a professional-looking backsplash, and it looked like anyone could do it. I'm always looking for easy and affordable upgrades to do in my home, and this will be the next one on my list. If you're looking for a way to give your kitchen an upgrade for 2024 without breaking the bank, check out this clever kitchen DIY.

Pannelling is a big kitchen trend for 2024, and we're seeing it everywhere. This DIY video by lifestyle influencer Charlotte Holman proves that it's easy to get the look on a budget and even fit it yourself. 'I had seen some lovely kitchens on Instagram that had paneled backsplashes and having already been a big fan of paneling I knew this was the look,' says Charlotte. 'I love the country and the cozy feel it gives.'

Although her video probably makes it look too easy to be true, Charlotte assures us it was simple enough to achieve. 'We firstly removed the tiles, and we also decided to remove the worktop upstand to give more height,' she says. 'I added a vinyl wrap to the worktops first and then added the paneling.'

diy kitchen backsplash

(Image credit: Charlotte Holman)

'The panels came pre-primed which saved so much time, and the boards are moisture-resistant MDF which works perfectly for the kitchen,' Charlotte goes on to explain. This is something you should be aware of when doing any of your own DIYs - always pay special attention to the materials you use in kitchens and bathrooms as some won't be hard-wearing enough for the space.

Once all the pieces of paneling were measured, all Charlotte had to do was fix them to the wall. 'I attached them to the walls using a glue adhesive (my go-to is No More Nails, available at Amazon). This worked brilliantly, and I then added a little wood trim to the top to give a neater finish,' she explains. 'Once the adhesive had set, I then went over all joins and edges with caulk to give it a neater and more professional finish.' After you've done this you can paint the panels any color you like, but ensure that the paint is durable since kitchen backsplashes will regularly need wiping down. 

The new paneled look with give your kitchen a new lease of life. 'It was a fairly quick and easy way to transform our kitchen and required basic tools,' says Charlotte. 'I'm so happy with how they turned out.' 

I for one am totally inspired by this innovative DIY idea and can't wait to try it out!

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