This trendy material will make your home feel like a boutique hotel, according to designers

Experts share how to recreate a hotel’s ambiance with one of the most popular materials of 2022

Brass accents to create a hotel-like feeling at home
(Image credit: Future / Marc van Praag)

It is hard to pass through a hotel without wondering how to recreate its aura at home, but the experts have found the answer. The secret lies in brass accents – which are forecast to be one of the biggest interior design trends in the year ahead.  

Brass accents are synonymous with top hotels globally, so it is unsurprising that Google Trends has observed a 90% increase in searches for brass homeware and lighting compared to 2020. Plus, with approval from the industry experts, your favorite hotel no longer needs to feel so far away. 

Brass accents in a blue hotel-like bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Michael Sinclair)

How to use brass accents – according to designers  

‘Where there’s muck, there’s brass: bronze is the texture of the year,’ begins Martin Waller, designer and founder of Andrew Martin. ‘These luxurious materials are found in boutique hotels. Rich background colors set off these natural elements beautifully and add real luxury to a room.’

And while you are less likely to come across a kitchen in a hotel, Tom Howley, Design Director at the eponymous company, emphasizes Martin’s color pairing – while sharing how to bring the material of the moment into your kitchen. 

‘Brass finishes are an excellent way to draw attention to your cabinetry as well as adding warmth, especially when combined with a dark paint color,’ he explains. 

Brass accents in a dark painted room

(Image credit: Future / Alexander James)

Tom continues, sharing his paint ideas – and more tones that work well with brass: ‘The warm tones of the brass beautifully enhance blues such as Lithodora or Avocado our dark green paint color. Create a cohesive look and go for brass hinges, taps, and even statement lighting.’

Similarly, deVOL’s Creative Director, Helen Parker, suggests taking the trend a step further by indulging in a solid brass sink that pairs perfectly with painted cupboards. 

‘If you are looking for something really special and exclusive but like to keep your glamour subtle, then the brass sink is perfect for you. It works particularly well with black slate or granite worktops; the contrast is quite dramatic and, in our opinion, a very smart choice,’ Helen says. 

Brass light fittings in a blue painted kitchen

(Image credit: Future / James Merrell)

This kitchen, bedroom, and modern bathroom idea will celebrate one of the most upcoming trends of 2022 – while simultaneously standing as an investment that will only get better with age. Next year looks stylish indeed.  

Megan Slack
Megan Slack

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