Yes, you can wear loungewear all day — here are the 7 most luxurious ways to wear it

We've rounded up 7 luxurious loungewear pieces to take you from the sheets-to-the-streets

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On Halloween, I found myself scouring my closet for something to wear for an intimate dinner with girlfriends. It'd been nearly a year since I last wore 'real clothes,' and the idea of donning a full-on costume felt a bit insensitive (all things considered), despite Halloween being my favorite holiday. 

After careful consideration (and many hours wasted), I retired to my bed — embracing the standstill I was at over this matter — and it was only then that it hit me. I knew what to wear, and that's because I've been wearing it year-round. 

The answer? Loungewear. 

Over the years, loungewear has made exceptional strides, breaking free of all former stigmas, deeming it too 'casual' or 'unsuitable' for everyday wear. Nowadays, loungewear is not acceptable but highly regarded; similar to our favorite cashmere sweater, we can't live without it, and even more so, now thanks to a worldwide pandemic. 

Instead of reaching for a pair of black leggings and an oversized T-shirt, loungewear has evolved; the devil is in the detail, and finding the "right" look is essential. 

You can take the Sarah Jessica Parker route (which I did on Halloween) and opt for a monochromatic sleep-inspired ensemble, or go bolder and find a set that's bold and expressive (perhaps something with sleeve embellishments). 

Loungewear is all about personal preference, and what you select boils down to what you like; however, the one thing to keep in mind when shopping? It's crucial to find a look that can be worn from the sheets-to-the-streets; while remaining acceptable enough for your work Zoom calls, too. Truthfully, that's where most start to have some trouble sorting the good from the bad, which is where we come in. 

Whether you're looking for something as exquisite as the best pillow on your bed or something to make you feel "special," here are seven luxurious loungewear sets worth the investment. 

1. The set you've seen all over Instagram


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Party Pajama Set with Feathers in Blue for $320, at Sleeper

Let's start with one of the best two-piece sets on the market: the Party Pajamas by Sleeper. This bestseller is in most Fashionista's closets, as well as over Instagram, and rightfully so. The shirt is sophisticated enough to attend any work meeting, whereas the marabou feathers add a modern feel for anyone looking to dress up (while staying home). 

2. This 'nap' dress


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The Ellie Nap Dress for $125, at Hill House Home. 

Meet the Nap Dress. It’s our signature garment; soft, comfortable, and pretty enough to wear all day and night.  

3. This SJP-favorite


Sarah Jessica Parker is seen during a photoshoot for Intimissi in the West Village on June 16, 2018 in New York City. 

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The Sex and the City reboot is the topic of every conversation, and what better way to prepare for the new show than by binge-watching the old one in this look (which garnered Sarah Jessica Parker's stamp-of-approval, no less). 

Silk Satin Boyfriend-fit Pajama Top for $110, at Intimissimi

Silk Satin Boyfriend-fit Pajama Top for $110, at Intimissimi

Available in six sensation shades, this oversized silk shirt features a contrast-color trim detail on the neck and cuff, making your WFH-attire feel a bit more sophisticated. 

Silk Satin Pajama Pants for $99, at Intimissimi

Silk Satin Pajama Pants for $99, at Intimissimi

Match your oversized button-up top with these silk pants. Perfect for withstanding endless work hours confined to a chair, you'll feel both put together and comfortable for hours on end. 

4. A bouclé robe


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SKIMS Cozy Knit Bouclé Robe for $128, at Nordstrom

Versatility is essential when seeking out any new piece(s) of loungewear, and that's why this bouclé robe should be front-and-center. Whether you're enjoying the best cup of coffee or cleaning your house, this robe will make your experience even more enjoyable.

5. With the 'Oprah-approved' jogger


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Cozy Earth Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Pant for $129, at Amazon

This year, this jogger earned a glowing endorsement when it landed on Oprah's list of her favorite things, and who are we to disagree? Crafted from bamboo, the moisture-wicking material will naturally regulate body temperature while keeping you cool and comfortable. 

6. A funnel neck top


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M & S Collection Soft Touch Funnel Neck Long Sleeve Top for $42.50, at Marks and Spencer

As someone who never engaged in 'Casual Friday,' when it comes to loungewear, I always take a pretty but practical approach. Case and point: this funnel top; it's reminiscent of my favorite turtleneck sweater while functional enough to run errands or when cleaning my apartment. Factor in the soft-to-touch fabric, and consider me sold. 

7. An everyday essential


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Fitted Zipper Leggings for $69, at & Other Stories

Last but not least, if you're someone who can not (and will not) resort to anything but leggings when it comes to loungewear, let us suggest this pair. This fitted version will perfectly cater to any shape, size, or form and is suitable for living, working, and sleeping in, while the tapered bottom adds a modern approach that's more elevated than others. 

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