Ashley Tisdale's Kitchen Cabinets are the Perfect Moody Hue — 'This On-Trend Shade is the New Sage!'

The deep green cabinets add a modern edge to her classic kitchen

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Ashley Tisdale has been a source of style inspiration for as long as she's been gracing our screens. Her plethora of roles on the Disney Channel - and her iconic performance in High School Musical - influenced worldwide fashion trends for years. Now, though, her slightly more refined taste has caught the eye of designers, this time within the world of interiors. 

The actress launched her studio Frenshe Interiors back in 2020, and we've been awe-struck by her impeccable taste ever since. In a recent Instagram post, we caught a glimpse inside a gorgeous deep-green kitchen accompanied by a classic marble countertop and a geometric gold-tinged wallpaper. The modern kitchen not only caught our eye as an exemplary stylish space, but the moody color of the cabinetry has the seal of approval from designers, too - so much so that the on-trend shade could even be 2024's answer to sage green... 

Dark kitchens are having a real design moment right now. Gone are the days of clinical white culinary spaces that feel stark and unwelcoming. Instead, designers are opting for smokey colors for a grungier feel that adds character to a kitchen. Pair that with the enduring popularity of green paint colors, and you have the blueprint for Ashley's kitchen. 

Her latest Instagram post pictures her and her daughter Jupiter sharing a loving moment perched on the kitchen island. Safe to say, the cuddly candid captured our hearts, but we couldn't help the stunning paint shade in the background. The mid-green tone feels earthy and warm, yet deep and moody enough to pack a punch. Paired with the geometric wallpaper, the globe pendants, and the classic Carrara marble countertop, you have a design-worthy space that feels contemporary and convivial. 

'Ashley's moody kitchen blends deep, dark earthy green cabinets with much lighter, dramatic countertops,' explains Elana Mendelson of Elana Designs. 'The dark green patterned backsplash coordinates beautifully with the dark, earthy green cabinets while adding a feeling of playfulness and whimsy to an otherwise sophisticated design and space.' 

kitchen with depe green cabinets and black worktops

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While sage green shows no signs of disappearing from our homes just yet, a fresher take on a relaxing green feels overdue. Luckily, Elana thinks this deeper hue might just be the answer, especially where kitchen cabinets are concerned. 

'The cabinet and backsplash green is deep, rich, and luscious and is trending in design,' she says. 'It may even take the place of the sage green that's been so popular, and it could potentially be used as a new neutral with its warm, earthy vibes. It’s extremely versatile and can coordinate well with many different colors.'

Interior designer Soni Mehra, CEO and founder of Marble Lotus, agrees. 'Ashley's choice of color is a refreshing departure from the sage green trend, offering a bolder and more moody interpretation, adding a distinctive touch to the overall aesthetic,' she says.

Soni is also quick to note the practical aspects of darker shades in the kitchen, too. 'The earthy green choice is perfect for kitchens where cooking is a regular activity,' she says. 'The darker color minimizes the visibility of marks and stains and contributes to easier maintenance. It's a thoughtful choice that aligns with practical considerations for a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen environment.'

If you're looking to redecorate your kitchen in 2024, the deep green color trend certainly has designer approval for the year ahead, and it might just be the best decision you can make when it comes to maintenance, too. If Ashley's kitchen proves anything it's that moody hues have well and truly earned their place in the kitchen. 

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