Alison Roman's New Kitchen has 'Lived-in Luxury' Written All Over it — We've Picked Out Our Favorite Parts

Chef Alison Roman has always had impeccable taste, but, with her new kitchen, she may have outdone herself. Below, Style Editor Brigid Kennedy dissects a slice of the space.

Alison Roman smiles in front of a yellow step-and-repeat.
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Let's get one thing straight — this is an Alison Roman fan page.

If she has one fan, it is me; if she has no fans, I am dead. I love to cook her recipes, but more so, I love to watch her cook her own recipes then read her captions and emails about it after. She has a such a familiar and fun writing style — much like her cooking — plus a defined personal fashion sense I can't help but envy. She operates within the world of elevated classics, both in her food and in her clothes, and I can't help but think of her when I see a crisp white button-down or a down-home plate of carbonara, so beautiful in their simplicity (an ethos I like to apply to shopping the best home decor brands, as well).

All this adoration in mind, it will likely come as no shock to you that I am also a big fan of her Youtube series 'Home Movies,' wherein she cooks and chats viewers through some of her favorite or newly-concoted recipes with a casual ease. She does so in her own kitchen, thus the 'home' of 'Home Movies.' And recently, Alison debuted a new kitchen in season tw of the series, which she will continue in her home in Bloomville, New York, rather than her apartment in Brooklyn.

If I wasn't already excited for a new season of the show, I was doubly excited when I saw the new kitchen. Was this ... the perfect alignment of my interests?! It seemed so. And let me tell you, the new space was one to behold.

'The rustic, mismatched look of Alison Roman's new kitchen in "Home Movies" is a captivating blend of eclectic charm and personal style,' says Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Studio. 'This approach creates a unique and inviting atmosphere, showcasing her personality and creativity in the heart of her home.'

With an air of countryside comfort, the new kitchen is modern nostalgia at its peak, filled with an amalgamation of pieces both analog and digital, traditional and new-wave. Take the built-in brick oven and the induction stovetop for instance; old and new, juxtaposed right next to one another.

'The oven feels connected to the rest of the space, with its rustic brick and stucco walls,' adds Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. Not only that, but it 'adds a touch of authenticity and warmth to the space,' Kerrie continues. 'It not only contributes to the overall aesthetic but also offers functional benefits for baking and cooking, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.'

In my opinion, the space also embodies the enduring 'bookshelf wealth' trend we're seeing lots of this year, wherein lived-in elegance and a mismatched sensibility reign supreme. There is an overarching, purposely cluttered and somewhat maximalist vibe to Alison's new kitchen, but it also feels simple and clean at the same time. Perhaps that's because it's filled less with new-fangled gadgets and more with trustworthy, enduring tools that will never go out of style.

'Alison’s kitchen is a blend of the rustic and magic of the old and the effortless and simple of the modern and contemporary,' says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla Online Interior Design. 'The way she has the fruits hanging, the casseroles right on top of the sink and the flowers plus what could seem [like] a messy counter, they all just speak to the practicality of her style. Easy and accessible is certainly a top priority.'

For anyone looking to replicate the look of Alison's perfectly mismatched space, Kerrie recommends 'focusing on mixing textures, incorporating vintage elements, and showcasing personal touches like curated collections or artwork,' she says. 'Embrace a mix of materials such as reclaimed wood, metals, and natural stone to achieve that inviting, lived-in charm.'

Likewise, Devin suggests you start by discovering which elements of your kitchen 'can be replaced with natural materials'; maybe, for instance, you could replace your kitchen island with timber or stone. Or, you could add shelves or extra pots of pans. 'It's a mix of decor yet practicality,' he advises, although 'if you really want to go big,' a wood oven would be a 'gamechanger.'

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