These Viral Aesthetic Salt and Pepper Grinders Are Positively Perfect for Minimalists (and Less Than $50)

Bet you didn't know salt and pepper shakers could be this chic...

salt and pepper shakers on a colorful background
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If you classify yourself as a minimalist (a.k.a. everyone at this publication), this new Amazon find is the one for you.

Every so often, the brilliant designers at some of the best home decor brands find new ways to turn a boring, everyday home item into something worthy of display. Something you'd like to leave out on your counter not because it saves you time to do so but because it looks so good. Something that is not only functional, but plays into your personal design style.

For all those minimalists out there, you're going to love this.


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Scrolling TikTok the other day, I found these stunning electric salt and pepper mills thanks to a video from @everythingenvy. The video now has over 50K likes and the corresponding Amazon page? Well, it says more than 100 people purchased the stunning minimalist set in the past month.

These sleek grinders are electric but also rechargeable, so you can season with ease without worrying about batteries on hand. The ceramic grinder works for all kinds of spices, not just salt and pepper, and the simple design is so calming and chic. A perfect gift for a design-obsessed home chef or just a fun buy for yourself! If the reviews are any indication, this is an excellent, quality buy for under $50.

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