5 Things Designers Are Doing With White Marble in Bathrooms Now That Feels So Modern and Beautiful

White marble means opulence, sophistication, and beauty, and it can still be a great choice for any modern bathroom

A bathroom with white marble walls and bathtub
(Image credit: Nathan Schroder. Design: Maestri Studio)

Nothing beats the beauty and style of a white marble bathroom. One of the oldest materials that is still commonly used today, marble is durable and offers high versatility. It can be used in several ways too — you can adorn your space entirely in white marble or use it to create stunning focal points (with bathtubs or statement walls).

The only caveat to using this material? It needs to be sealed regularly and is not entirely slip-resistant to be a sensible choice for this room. If you're up for the upkeep, it can really add the wow-factor, though.

If you're in the middle of redoing or designing your modern bathroom, you may want to take a look at these stunning spaces that showcase the best of marble, and how to use it creatively with other materials in a way that feels modern and interesting.

1. Pair marble with white Zellige tiles

A bathroom with white marble flooring and zellige tiles on the wall

(Image credit: Francisco Nogueira. Design: Nuno Nascimento Arquitectos)

For the ultimate spa bathroom vibe, consider pairing marble with equally luxe materials. Think Zellige tiles that have an inherent hand-crafted beauty to them. These add depth, texture, and movement, and are timeless — just the perfect match for a marble bathroom.

'The aim of the project was to give back the home's character and layout, adding small touches of modernity,' says Nuno Nascimento, founder of Nuno Nascimento Arquitectos. 'The expansive areas and high ceilings, and the conservation of some of the original finishings and decorative features are the main characters of the project, as we aimed to be anonymous in our intervention. In the bathroom, the choice of materials was made according to this premise, with the use of handmade Zellige tiles and Estremoz Marble on the bathrooms.'

2. Go for a built in marble bathtub

A bathroom with built in bathtub

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder. Design: Maestri Studio)

A marble built-in bathtub is the perfect idea for a primary bathroom that deserves high-end, indulgent fixtures. Since the bathtub is like the centerpiece of the space, a veined or seamless, marble-clad piece can easily enhance your space. Even the addition of a small marble stool or side table next to the tub can tie the whole look together. 

'If space permits, a freestanding or built-in bathtub can become a stunning focal point in your bathroom,' says Richard Misso, creative director at The Stylesmiths. 'Opt for a luxurious soaking tub made from materials like cast iron, acrylic, or natural stone like marble.'

3. Or a freestanding marble sink

A bathroom with a veined marble sink

(Image credit: Kirsten Francis. Design: Heather Hilliard)

These under-mount or vessel sinks are a big bathroom sink trend, especially when made of marble. Switching to these can make a world of a difference to your space and add natural beauty that’s hard to replicate. One thing to note is that marble requires regular maintenance, such as sealing and polishing, so it would be ideal to use a marble sink in a bathroom that doesn't witness a lot of traffic. Perhaps a powder room or an infrequently used guest bathroom would be a good place for a sink like this.

'Given the clients didn't need storage in the powder room, we wanted something that would make a big statement in a small space and designed a custom marble vanity,' says Heather Hilliard, founder of Heather Hilliard Design. 'The veined marble we chose is sleek yet adds a bit of visual interest.'

4. Create a zen space with marble and limewash walls

A bathroom with marble sink and limewash walls

(Image credit: The Stylesmiths)

For the ultimate relaxing vibe, consider pairing marble counters or flooring with limewash walls. The two natural, organic finishes will wonderfully complement each other and create a vibe that won't look dated for decades.

While the layering of marble and limewash paint is endearing, if you're worried the combo may look a little too flat, consider different tones in limewash. A wonderful bathroom color idea is with light pink walls.

'Neutral beiges and olive greens are standout choices for limewash walls, offering versatility that complements a range of design styles and homes,' say Audur and Hjortur of Kalklitir. 'There's also a demand for darker, moodier colors, suggesting a trend towards richer tones for the year ahead.'

5. Pair veined marble with dark flooring

A bathroom with marble walls and dark flooring

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro. Design: Jeremiah Brent)

'Choose flooring that complements the overall design and style of your bathroom,' says Richard. 'Consider the color scheme, theme, and existing fixtures when selecting flooring materials. For a classic look, ceramic tiles or natural stone can be elegant choices, with vinyl flooring for a wide range of styles and patterns to suit various aesthetics.'

Going in for a dark floor and lighter walls and ceiling will give the space a dynamic look. A black and white bathroom is not only bold but also wonderfully balanced in aesthetic. One you will never get tired of.

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