This $15 Buy is All You Need to Turn Any Kitchen Door Into a Luxurious Soft-Close Cabinet

Say goodbye to thwacks and slams with these nifty gadgets that cost just $7.50 each.. I need a pair for every room in my apartment!

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For all the things my walk-up NYC apartment lacks (an elevator, a washer/dryer, a landlord that answers my emails), the one thing it does have is soft-close cabinets. You know, those cupboards outfitted with special hinges that slow the door just before it loudly hits the frame and consequently wakes your whole apartment building. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

I've become so accustomed to them that I've started to forget not all cabinets or drawers are soft-close. I've become the very thing I used to hate so much. When I'm not home, my presence in the kitchen is announced by slams and thwacks and subsequent 'sorry!'s, though I feel like a real glutton if I explain my behavior with 'I'm only used to soft-close!' No one wants to stand next to that girl at a party.

My soft-close cabinets feel like an accidental rite of passage, a necessary bridge into adulthood that I didn't even mean to cross. I just woke up one day and there they were; such a subtly luxurious upgrade for my kitchen cabinets I had only ever encountered in hotels and parents' houses. Now, though, I don't think I can live without them. I won't miss much about my apartment when I move, but I will miss the cabinets.

That said, however, I recently discovered that you can make any cabinet soft-close yourself. Perhaps that was silly of me to assume; but in my mind, soft close was something that had to happen at the time of installation. If your cabinets weren't properly outfitted when you first moved in, no soft-close for you, at least not without a headache of a DIY! Alas, I was wrong.

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I credit home design content creator Erin Zubot for the revelation; and in the above reel, she demonstrates how easy it is to realize. Of course, you can always replace your cabinet hinges with soft-close hinges and call it a day. But as Erin mentions, that's quite a costly and time-consuming solution.

Instead, she found a gadget on Amazon that turns any cabinet into a soft-close in mere minutes; you don't even need to change out the hinge. Just attach it near the bottom of the cabinet (it seems that just under the hinge is ideal) and voila — a bit of peace and quiet for dinner times to come.

A drill is required so it's not non-invasive. But if loud noises and uncooperative cabinet doors drive you nuts, I say it's worth it.

3 extra soft-close options

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