9 Olive Green Bedrooms That Show How Designers Use This Trending Hue to Create Sanctuary-Like Spaces

Whether you want to bring the outdoors in, ground brighter colors, or create a gender-neutral space, olive green bedrooms are always a good idea

olive green bedroom a gilded mural
(Image credit: David Mitchell. Design: Stadt Architecture)

Incorporating green into our interior schemes is certainly no new thing. For the past few years, we've seen the verdant shade slowly take over, as we continually seek ways to bring the beauty of nature inside of our homes. But of all its various shades, olive green bedrooms have to be one of the most soothing colors.

Not as fresh as a minty sage green, or vibrant as a deep forest, olive green is grounding and earthy, even muddy in some cases. It cocoons and envelops, creating the kind of moodiness you'd want to retreat to — exactly what you want for a bedroom.

If you're already leaning towards a green bedroom scheme, but aren't quite sure how to execute it, let these nine olive green bedroom ideas inspire you to introduce the down-to-earth shade into your space, whether in swathes or small touches.

Is olive green a good color for a bedroom?

Did you know there is a science behind the best color for sleep? It makes sense that soothing hues will make you feel calmer and help you wind down at the end of the day. Olive green does fall into the category of one of these soothing hues, evoking the tranquil tones found outside in nature, which means, yes, olive green is a good color for a bedroom.


a green bedroom with a dark green comforter

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Design: Crystal Sinclair)

Olive is a bold shade of green for painting bedroom walls, and while in the right space it can be perfectly cocooning and cozy to do so, for the color shy, you may want to start a little more subtly.

This modern bedroom designed by interior designer Crystal Sinclair is a sophisticated introduction to olive green through a matching headboard and coverlet-dressed bed, with a minimalist take on flouncy frills.

'This room is a masterclass on how to use olive green in an understated way,' says Hugh Metcalf, editor of Livingetc.com. 'It's a color that comes alive in a textural fabric such as velvet — and the bed head and comforter in this room give the olive shade an extra sense of depth.'

Pairing with a green-tinged neutral for the walls is a clever way to restrain the bolder olive color, while ensuring the overall outlook of this room feels verdant, natural and peaceful.


olive green bunk bed

(Image credit: Studio McGee)

Inspired by the surrounding landscape and all the colors that go with olive green, interior designer Shea McGee, chief creative officer at Studio McGee, chose to paint the built-in bunk beds at this country home in Sherwin-Williams' shade 'Canal Street', effectively bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside.

'The home's surrounding environment dictated the paint choice in this room,' Shea explains. 'The house sits alongside a beautiful river at the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. They're an active outdoorsy family, and I took cues from the colors of nature to create a bunk room that was both playful and sophisticated.'


bedroom scheme with dark olive green paint

(Image credit: Adam Kane Macchia. Design: BHDM)

Dan Mazzarini, the principal and creative director of Manhattan-based design studio BHDM, loves to use Benjamin Moore's olive green paint color 'Mediterranean Olive' in his projects, in different sheens and on different surfaces.

'People tend to shy away from deep olive but we’re beginning to see it come along in popularity because of how it works in any intensity; you can brighten it or make it more muted depending on the look you want to achieve,' Dan says. 'Olive hues especially work with timber and chroma accents.'


neutral nursery with jungle wallpaper print, green cot and brown leather sofa

(Image credit: Trevor Parker. Design: McGovern Project)

Olive green works well as a nursery or kids room paint color, as it is a neutral hue that doesn't lean too feminine or masculine. It's a great way to add color to a space, but in a mature way that ensures the space will be one they can easily grow into.

In this nursery, designer Chris McGovern of NYC-based design studio McGovern Project, opted for a fun jungle-print wallpaper that beautifully complements the olive green cot and storage baskets, as well as the brown leather sofa in the space.


a gold leaf ceiling in a bedroom

(Image credit: David Mitchell. Design: Stadt Architecture)

Richer shades of green make perfect colors that go with gold — it pulls out the luxurious nature of these shades, and perhaps in no hue more than olive gold.

In this tiny apartment, architect Christopher Kitterman of Stadt Architecture created a bold feature wall for the bedroom and ceiling, contrasting with the simple white walls used elsewhere in the home. 'This use of color means that with the bedroom doors open, it becomes a focal point in the living room expanding the space to the apartment’s extents,' Christopher says. 'In small spaces, square footage and access to natural light are premiums, and the golden ceiling detail helps reflect light around the space,' he adds.


traditional style bedroom with olive green shiplap walls

(Image credit: Madeline Harper Photography. Design: The Interior Collective)

Using color can be a clever way to make certain architectural details in a space stand out, albeit in a subtle kind of way. In this modern farmhouse-style bedroom — designed by Anastasia Casey of The Interior Collective — by painting the vertical shiplap detail in a soft, almost sage green paint color, the shiplap has become a predominant feature in the space, without overpowering it.

The muted tone helps to accentuate the vertical lines, while tying together other straight-edge details in the space — the grid pattern on the bedframe, throw and nightstand, as well as the subtle stripes on the floor rug.


a moss green bedroom

(Image credit: Chris Horwood. Design: Studio Kaya)

As a deep, darker hue, olive green looks great when contrasted with something crisp like a bright white paint on the walls or trims. In this bedroom, the contrasting ceiling and trim details brighten the olive green walls, helping to add freshness and light to the space, while complementing other details including the artwork and bedding.


A dark green bedroom with a curtain that reveals a yellow space

(Image credit: Salvesen Graham)

Believe it or not, olive green can be a color that goes with yellow. As a 'neutral' tone, olive green can ground brighter colors, making them feel more balanced and harmonious in a space, which is important for a room like a bedroom.

In the scheme shown above by design studio Salvesen Graham, a bright canary yellow — a bold choice for a bedroom — feels balanced thanks to the complementing olive green shade. This same feel wouldn't have been achieved if the sunny hue had instead been paired with a crisp white or even off-white, cream color.


modern bedroom with green bed linen, timber side table and jute rug

(Image credit: Bed Threads)

'Olive has consistently proven to be one of our most popular bedding colors, and for good reason, too,' says Genevieve Rosen-Biller, founder of linen bedding brand, Bed Threads. 'Not only are green hues known to be one of the most soothing and tranquil colors, but olive specifically, is incredibly versatile.'

She adds that green bedding brings a certain freshness and sense of lushness to your space, and thanks to its depth of color, can create a feeling of coziness without having to stick to more traditional warm shades.

What bedding goes with olive green walls?

Working out what bedding goes best with olive green walls is as simple as knowing what colors go with green — and thankfully, there are lots.

Bed Threads founder Genevieve says olive green bedding works year round. In the warmer months, it layers beautifully with fresh white and natural hues. When it gets a bit colder, you can cozy it up with richer blues and gray tones. 'Surprisingly, dreamy lavender even enhances the richness of olive,' she adds.

Emma Breislin
Interiors Editor

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