Designers Share the 5 Most Popular Sofa Colors for 2024 (and What Accent Shades to Pair With Them!)

What are the most popular sofa colors for 2024? These five are the designers' favorites

A golden yellow sofa in a neutral living room
(Image credit: David Duncan Livingstone. Design: Heather Hilliard)

When it comes to picking the perfect sofa color for your living room, there are a lot of options open to you. Either you can try and find a timeless shade that will provide enduring style and taste to the heart of the home, or you can follow the latest trends. If you find yourself influenced by the latter, we've done some digging to find the most popular sofa trends of the moment.

As it stands, not much has changed in the world of sofa color trends, and some shades we pinpointed in 2023 are still riding high in terms of popularity. But there are a few newer front-runners we love the look of. So what are they? Here are five of the most popular sofa colors for 2024 to bring some elegance and style to your living room (and the best accent colors to pair them with!)

1. Shades of purple

A purple colored sofa

(Image credit: Crystal Sinclair)

Purple is back in a big way, and it's an interior design trend that has been booming across the board - from the world of fashion to interior design.

If you're looking for a new sofa and wanting to make a statement with a bold color that has some serious wow factor, royal purples, smokey aubergines and burgundy-hued shades make a great addition to an all-white living room.

'Pick anything but white or gray,' urges Crystal Sinclair. 'I have an aubergine velvet sofa in my own home and absolutely love it! it's paired with a patterned low pile shag rug, a kingma coffee table, and a fur pillow we purchased while in Iceland.'

The all-white look makes a classic and elegant combination, but for something cozier, this shade of purple would have looked equally as great with dark shades of brown. A dark mossy green velvet accent pillow would also work wonders.

2. Calming light creams

Cream colored sofas used in a living room

(Image credit: Louis & Rose)

It's nothing new, but calming creams are still ever-present in fashion-forward living rooms.

The off-white shade is a consistent favorite and is a perfect timeless living room color. In this design by Louis & Rose, it's the wooden fluted base of the day bed that brings the cream upholstery into the modern day.

The surroundings of the room stop it from feeling dated, and the materials picked by real estate developer and designer JD Irpino, principal at Louis & Rose, as well as the color pops in this otherwise neutral living room is what helps it feel vibrant and contemporary.

'Much like the sofas, we will continue to see warm colors in the beige and brown families,' says JD Irpino. 'We’ll also see grays and soft blacks that will pair well with muted citrus colors such as persimmon and we’ll also see musty greens from country gardens and blues from the French seaside.'

3. Ruby red

A living room with red sofas

(Image credit: Ryann Ford. Design: Britt Design Group)

Rust has been a popular color in 2023, but as in the world of fashion, we're enjoying a brighter version of red in interiors. Enter 'unexpected red theory'. The unexpected red theory suggests that adding a hint of this color can help a room feel confident and bold, without it being too overwhelming. There is no denying that it's a tricky shade to pair, but colors that go with red range from across the spectrum, and the beauty of the unexpected red theory is that it pairs with a wide kaleidoscope of colors and styles from across many genres of interior design.

The design team at Britt Design Group used red in this way in this home on Lake Austin. 'Sofas often don't receive enough credit for their potential to infuse color into a space,' says Shaunn Quayle, designer at Britt Design Group. 'The daring ruby red helps elevate both the sofa and the wider room,' she says.

4. Shades of pink

A dark green walled room with pink sofas

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Bespoke Only)

In the same vein as the unexpected red theory, pinks provide warmth and the popularity of this earthy, dusky and uplifting version of pink certainly isn't dwindling.

'The living room with southern exposure is an area blessed with an abundance of natural light at nearly all times,' says Melissa Lee, founder of the New York-based interior design firm, Bespoke Only.

'There’s a jolly nature in the space, and we felt it was only natural to outfit it with more cheerful and illuminating hues. After all, not many spaces can pull off two pink sofas, and here they are paired beautifully with the rest of the earthy colors and materials.'

In this home, the pink sofas blend beautifully with the pale and earthy paint color on the walls. 'We absolutely love pink and green,' says Melissa. 'It’s a color combo used a lot in historic homes. Similar palettes can often be found in landscape paintings - the haze of sky with greens from the horizon together form a tender base of atmospheric nature.'

5. Golden yellow

A golden yellow sofa

(Image credit: David Duncan Livingstone. Design: Heather Hilliard)

Bring a little sunshine into your living room with a golden sofa, as Heather Hilliard has done in this modern home. 'We are seeing a lot of mustardy and ochre yellows,' says Heather. 'It pairs well with deep blues and blue and grey tones and juxtaposes the warm, jewel-toned yellow hue.'

Instead of looking to the opposite side of the spectrum, golden yellow also pairs with steely greys, jet black and a range of browns. The whole look feels rich and indulgent, with the sofa creating a statement in a room that might otherwise feel monochrome in coloring and cold.

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