6 Clever Tricks That Will Make Your Christmas Tree Look More Expensive

Christmas tree not delivering the luxe look you hoped it would? Here's how the best Christmas decorators we know make trees look more elevated

a living room decorated for christmas
(Image credit: Studio McGee / McGee & Co)

Whether you've put up your Christmas tree this year yet or not, while this festive centerpiece is undoubtedly the easiest way to make a room feel more Christmassy, it's not always so simple to make it feel as luxurious as you might want.

Expensive Christmas trees might come feeling luxurious straight out the box, but spending some serious dollar on an artificial tree isn't the only way to make your scheme feel elevated.

Try these 6 Christmas decorating ideas from some of the best tree decorators I could find to make your tree look more expensive this year.

1. Layer in foliage

a christmas tree with foliage wrapped around

(Image credit: Vanessa Lentine. Design: Pure Salt Interiors)

Using foliage, whether real or a spare Christmas garland, is a clever way to not only bulk out a Christmas tree, but make it feel more elegant.

'Layering is a core part of our design philosophy, and for the holidays that manifests in stringing garlands into the tree itself,' Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln, co-founders of Pure Salt Interiors, say. 'The added depth and variety of the leaves brings added warmth and organic interest to this traditional staple, and really ups the cozy and festive factor!'

2. Keep it classic

a christmas tree in a traditional home

(Image credit: Josh Young Design House)

While you might be tempted by modern Christmas decorating trends, any schemes that are a little bit quirkier or more novel are likely to not look quite as expensive as sticking to the classics.

'I love using simple greenery throughout our home and I try to avoid filling the greenery with too much artificial, decorative items,' echoes Washington DC-based designer Josh Young of Josh Young Design House (@jyoungdesignhouse). 'A simple touch of holly, or dried oranges always feels classic, and helps elevate the space,' he adds.

3. Choose an expensive-looking color scheme

a christmas sideboard

(Image credit: Thomas Trust @rustandtrust)

In our homes, there are undoubtedly color trends that can make a space feel more expensive - and this doesn't necessarily equate to having to actually spend more.

'I think contrast brings a luxe look, if you have lots of whites, add in dark brown and black,' Thomas Trust, a digital creator and Christmas decor enthusiast at @rustandtrust tells me. 'A deep, dark brown to me is the ultimate luxurious color.' In his own scheme it's this minimal neutral color palette that gives his Christmas scheme a rich, elevated feel.

4. Stick to a theme 

a neutral christmas tree

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway)

I get it, the idea of collecting a variety of fun, mismatched ornaments over the years may feel like a way to truly embrace the Christmas spirit, but it isn't necessarily going to work in your favor when it comes to making a Christmas tree look more expensive.

'Staying true to a specific theme for your decorations is key for an elevated and well-designed Christmas tree,' says interior designer Lindye Galloway. 'There are so many themes you can choose from whether traditional or modern monochromatic, keeping a cohesive design makes it truly visually appealing.'

5. Embrace texture

a close up of a christmas tree

(Image credit: Studio McGee / McGee & Co)

To add variety to your Christmas tree that will elevate the look, think about introducing textures that feel more expensive. Flocked ornaments, antiqued finishes and natural materials will all help to make a tree look more luxe. 'I love to use velvet ribbon which just feels richer and more beautiful,' Josh Young adds.

'For added interest, you can incorporate ornaments of various textures, sizes, and shapes,' designer Lindye Galloway agrees, 'always distributing evenly throughout.'

6. Don't skimp on lights 

a modern living room with a christmas tree

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

The density of lights are one of the big giveaways of the best artificial Christmas trees, but if you have a real tree, or just one that's lacking in the light department, adding in more lights is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your decor.

The secret is getting a dense, even spread - not always easy when you've not got a pre-lit tree. However, there are some clever Christmas tree light hacks including the "zig zag method" and wrapping lights are the "trunk" of your tree that can all making lighting look a little more luxe.

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