5 houseplants that are perfect for fall decor – experts suggests what to grow indoors in autumnal colors

Our favorite houseplants that will transition your home into fall mode thanks to their red, orange and yellow leaves

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If you're not a wreath-on-the-door and pumpkins on the porch sort of person, there are still ways to bring the feeling of fall into your home that are a little more subtle. 

After all, fall decor can be a little over the top and not to everyone's taste, but houseplants may be an understated way to do it. Selected plants give off an autumnal aesthetic that will instantly provide your home with some seasonal interest thanks to their autumnal-colored leaves or flowers. 

Check out these 5 gorgeous houseplants recommended by interior experts that will act as fall decor but can still decorate your home long after fall is over.

1. Croton

Croton house plant

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'This is probably the most popular fall houseplant,' says house plant enthusiast and co-founder of Mental Houseplants, Kayla Gajdascz. 'The Croton is a quintessential fall houseplant,' she says, 'celebrated for its vibrant colors of yellow, red, orange, and green leaves.'

This wonderful plant mimics the changing colors of fall and nature. It adds a subtle splash of fall color to any modern living room. This plant 'thrives in bright and indirect sunlight,' advises plant expert Zahid Adnan from The Plant Bible. Take this into account when selecting the best houseplant for your space.

2. Chinese evergreen

chinese evergreen house plant

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The Chinese evergreen plant comes in a few variations from shades of dark green to touches of pink. Both of these are perfect for fall-inspired decor, however, they also make great additions to your space all year round.

Thankfully this plant is a low-maintenance option. 'The Chinese evergreens are perfect low-maintenance plants that are perfect for low-light conditions, making them versatile for different areas of your home,' explains Zahid. If you don't have a green thumb, it might be a houseplant even you can't kill.

3. Fiscus Burgundy

house plant ficus burgundy

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If you like a dark, moody, cozy living room, you will love this plant. Its subtle dark green color is a minimalist way to give a nod to fall, with a flash of red on the underside. 

'The Ficus Burgundy is a sophisticated addition to fall decor with its deep green, almost black colored leaves,' says Kayla. 'The dark foliage evokes the depth of autumn nights while blending seamlessly with both fall and Halloween themes.'

This is one of our favorite houseplants to add during fall, enjoy it whilst the weather is cold and crisp, and continue to love it as spring arrives. It will make the perfect addition to any living room, or home office.

4. Anthuriums

Anthurium house plant

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The Anthurium is known for its iconic silhouette, and you would struggle to find a plant more structurally beautiful than this. Its striking red color (although you also get softer-shade pink houseplants of Anthurium, too) stands out in a minimalist room and adds a focal point to any table or shelf it is placed upon. When we think of fall decor we tend to lean towards darker tones and softer textures, this plant rebuts this idea. Although there is seemingly nothing inherently autumnal about this plant, it is vibrant and structural, it fits the vibe perfectly.

It gives off an almost sinister elegance that suits the tone of fall decor perfectly, especially Halloween. Anthuriums were dubbed the fashion flower of the season earlier this year after Jonathan Anderson incorporated them into Loewe's SS23 collection. If you are looking for a fashion-forward house plant that doubles up as fall decor, look no further.

5. Autumn Fern

atumn fern house plant

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'To truly embrace the essence of fall, why not introduce a plant with autumn in its name?' asks interior designer and founder of Dream Home Making Blog, Elizabeth Grace. This plant features fronds that unfurl in a captivating bronze hue before maturing to a rich green, making it the perfect addition to any fall-inspired decorations. 

'It truly embodies the spirit of fall,' says Zahid, 'and luckily it's easy to care for as well.' The fern enjoys indirect sunlight and consistent moisture and can survive in low-light apartments. Making it one of the best houseplants for beginners.

Houseplants are the ideal way to get your home ready for fall. The won't be decor you come to regret or find shoved in the back of the cupboard for 90% of the year. Try out this more sustainable fall decor idea that will simultaneously add life toy our home.

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