How can you hide a litter box? 7 times designers have created stylish built-ins for cat owners

Owning a cat doesn't mean you have to compromise on style, as these architect and interior designer ideas for how to hide a litter box go to prove

3 ways to hide a litter box
(Image credit: Agnese Sanvito / Aaron Leitz / Anna Stathaki)

If you're a design-conscious cat owner, how you hide a litter box in your home is likely high on the agenda. The standard cat litter box is, let's face it, usually quite ugly- plastic monstrosities that eat valuable space and create an eyesore in the corner of whatever room they end up in. 

However, it's 2023, so thankfully there are plenty of clever people coming up with creative ways to hide a litter box in the home. Yes there are also brands offering prettier options, but the best way to keep it out of sight and out of mind is by using clever interior design to conceal it somewhere in your home. 

Architects and interior designers, faced with cat-owning clients, are incorporating these ideas in brilliant built-ins for modern homes. So, if you're looking for some pet-friendly design inspiration, here are some of our favorite architectural litter boxes (a phrase we never really imagined ourselves typing until now) to ensure owning a cat doesn't ruin your home's aesthetic. 

hugh metcalf
Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is an experienced homes and property journalist, who loves nothing more than discovering new trends in how architects and designers are adapting homes to modern life. An animal-lover at his core, Hugh sought out the best examples of modern homes that have been cleverly adapted for their cat-owning owners for this feature. 

How to hide a litter box 

'There are a lot of off-the-shelf solutions for pets out there, including for litter boxes, but it is difficult to find pieces that are nice to look at and aren't bulky or cumbersome,' says Nathan Cuttle, founder of Studio Nato. For many designers and architects, this means incorporating something into the the fabric of the build that allows a cat unobstructed access to a litter box, while not disrupting your home's flow or decor. 

1. Hide a litter box alongside a cat flap 

a hidden litterbox in an extension

(Image credit: Agnes Sanvito. Design: Yard Architects)

In this brick and oak extension in North London, Yard Architects (opens in new tab) incorporated a hidden litter box under a window seat, that also acts as a tunnel to disguising the home's cat flap, too. 

'The oak lining continues to the window seat looking out to the garden,' architect Simon Graham explains. 'This has a cat flap and litter storage below, and a fixed picture window set within the deep brick reveals.' 

This means only one design insertion for both a way to hide the litter box and the cat flap, while providing easy access to change the box as required. 

2. Position it in transitional spaces