31 beautiful bedroom ideas for a restful night's sleep

After some gorgeous bedroom ideas? Create a serene and functional sleeping space with advice from top designers

bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

Looking to refresh your sleeping space with some beautiful bedroom ideas? We've got your covered. We all deserve a peaceful night's sleep and bedrooms are the part of design most closely linked to your overall wellbeing so it's important to get them right. 

It's the room we see first when we wake up in the morning and the space we see before we shut our eyes at night so your bedroom really can influence your mood first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 

So what should we keep in mind? 'Comfort first and foremost and that is specific to each and every client,' says Seattle-based interior designer Brian Paquette. 'Do they like light or dark? Do they want to feel hard wood or carpet on their feet? What color makes them relax?'

You might pick tranquil palettes to help aid sleep or clear the mind through the art of decluttering; some of the best minimalist bedrooms are inspired by Scandinavian design and layouts that apply the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui. Or maybe you're after more personality and it's pretty prints and patterns that make you feel calm and happy; whatever bedroom idea you go for, make it personal to you.

To help you get inspired, we've rounded up the best bedroom ideas from around the world below. 

The world's best bedroom ideas

1. Choose linen for a relaxed look

a modern bedroom with a timber paneled wall

(Image credit: Haris Kenjar. Design: Elaine Santos)

New bed linen always feels like a treat, and using it to style a bed is such a quick and affordable way to instantly update your bedroom without the need to decorate and move everything around.

'My go-to textile is high thread count linen for bedding. The color options are endless, and I always gravitate toward a relaxed look, and linen offers a tactile luxury even when the bed is not perfectly styled,' says interior designer Elaine Santos of Elaine Santos Design. 'Crisp, clean sheets give a feeling of ultimate luxury. Quality materials will help regulate body temperature and moisture levels.'

'When storage is not needed for the nightstands, I go for light tables or nesting tables to provide more air under furniture pieces, as large king-size beds are heavy in visual weight,' the designer adds.

2. Keep it neutral

a modern bedroom with a large rug

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

A neutral bedroom idea will always stand the test of time and is guaranteed to relax most people. Stick to a palette of warm sands, taupes and creams with hints of burnt copper and orange and black frames for a contemporary feel.

'For a warm and cozy bedroom, I like to start with a mostly neutral background, adding interest with natural textures and finishes,' says Suzie Lucas, principle designer at Lucas Interior. 'We love to bring in color (and pattern) in smaller furniture pieces and a comfortably layered bed.'

3. Factor in the importance of lighting

a grey bedroom with wall sconces on either side of the bed

(Image credit: Lights.com)

Beautiful bedroom lighting ideas can make all the difference to how your space feels come dusk. 'When it comes to bedroom lighting, it is important to layer your lights. You should have a main source, such as an overhead light, and then accent lighting throughout the room where you see fit,' says Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director, Lights.com.

'For example, place accent lighting at your bedside, so you don’t need to get up from bed to turn out the lights. Some people skip the bedside table lamps for wall sconces, or even small pendant lights for an industrial look. You should also have task lighting at any desk or vanity in your bedroom,' she adds.

'When you start thinking about bedroom lighting, you should think about the function of each light in that space. Do you need task lighting for your desk?' Suzie asks. 'Perhaps vanity lighting for your makeup? An accent light over your dressing area? It is always necessary to layer light fixtures based on the functionality of your space.'

4. Create a calm ambience

Florida beach house with calm neutral interiors

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen)

Creating a calm space is a high priority for most people when planning their bedroom revamp. It's not just about how the room looks and key bedroom trends but the feeling it gives when you step inside and when you curl up in bed. From decoration and textures to lighting, everything plays a key part on creating the feel you want.

'Bedside lighting is an absolute must. Not only will it save your eyes from harsh overhead lighting while you’re in bed, but it is also convenient lighting for reading or any night-time rituals. If you need a light source in the middle of the night, it is easier to reach over and switch on your bedside lamp than to walk to the nearest light switch,' says Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director, Lights.com.

'Most people forget that the bedroom is supposed to be as calm as it is functional. While bright lights are necessary for our outfit changes and morning routines, we need ambient lighting for winding down at night,' she continues. 'I highly recommend installing dimmers for all lights in the bedroom. You can fully customize how bright you need the light, and in some cases how low you need it. Not only is this beneficial for overhead lighting, but accent lighting should also be dimmable to your liking.'

5. Contrast colors

a monochrome bedroo scheme

(Image credit: Haris Kenjar)

Contrasting your bedding with your walls or mixing smooth and chunky textures is both easy and effective ways to add some drama and character to your master bedroom. It really doesn't take much.

'I often mix different materials and textures when considering beds and bedding. Smooth textures for the headboard and bedding and nubby and chunky blankets and throws at the foot for a play on contrast,' says Elaine Santos, Interior Designer, Elaine Santos Design. 'I often opt for sconces to provide more surface space on the nightstands for my clients.' 

6. Embrace wallpaper for a soft scheme

a bedroom idea with a repeating wallpaper

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen)

Bedroom wallpaper ideas don't have to be garish and even one with a heavy repeat pattern can still be calm and serene; perfect in a bedroom. Team with delicate bed linen, natural materials, like oak flooring, and fresh foliage for a fresh bedroom scheme.

New York-based interior designer Arianna De Gasperis, founder of And Studio, drew inspiration from London townhouses to create her own nest. 'A lot of people buy historic homes and then take away the character of what used to be there,' says Arianna De Gasperis. The interior designer, however, did the complete opposite for her own home situated in Jersey City’s historic Van Vorst Park. 

'The vision was to preserve and amplify the space’s character while layering in modern functionality, depth and warmth,' the interior designer says. To do so, she started to elevate many of the home’s original details, including the oak herringbone flooring, crown molding and stained glass windows.

The William Morris wallpaper in the bedroom as well is one of the many features that pay tribute to the historic past of the property while making this home her own. 'The Guest bedroom makes me feel like I am in the countryside. It is almost like a time travel room, I was influenced by my love for Little Women,' she adds.

7. Try quiet tones that are easy on the eyes

a classic modern bedroom idea for a neutral scheme

(Image credit: Champalimaud Design)

Most of us dream of luxury bedroom ideas in calm, easy-to-live-with hues that help us relax and unwind at the end of a long day. On-trend taupes, beiges and biscuit tones work perfectly in the bedroom, especially combined with elegant duck egg blues and hints of lavender. Make your bedroom feel extra luxurious with a grand four-poster bed, complete with privacy curtains!

'Sublime is always chic & contemporary.  Whether that means a four-poster with tailored lines or a low upholstered headboard with a tailor’s details. Less is more,' says Elisabeth Rogoff, principal designer at Champalimaud Design. 'Utilize baskets and bins to your advantage- they are flexible & organized. Natural linens and quiet colors always provide a respite and are easy on the eyes.'

8. Bring in vintage pieces to add character

Modern bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Hanna Grankvist)

Nathan Cuttle, founder of interior design practice, Studio Nato, revamped this house for a young professional couple with a brief to, ‘open up the spaces and maximize light’ to create a relaxed and welcoming home – not as straightforward as it sounds when you consider that being tall, narrow and usually in a terrace, by nature brownstones can be dark and pokey. 

'We’re really looking to design for living,’ says Nathan, ‘creating warm, inviting spaces that bring people together. Most of our clients have dogs, cats or little kids, so they want nice homes that are comfortable. But I always tell them: live in the house, really embrace it, invite people over and enjoy it. A home should be where we build memories, especially for young families. And you can’t be too precious.’ 

The vintage metal bed was one of the key pieces of furniture the owners brought with them to their new house that helps add personality to this cool white bedroom.

9. Play around with modern art

Modern bedroom ideas

(Image credit: FDG Design Group)

Are you after small modern bedroom ideas to inspire your petit sleeping space? Don't be afraid to go bold with art even in the tiniest of bedrooms. Keep the scheme fresh and tonal and if you can fit in matching bedside tables, then do! It helps ground and frame the sleeping area.

'I always try to balance a playful tone with the art selection in a bedroom; Here, we embody the romance of the room and reference the pop art culture of Miami,' says interior designer Fatima Silva of FDG Design Group.

10. Go all out with a four poster bed

a bedroom idea with a fourposter bed

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen)

Designed to reflect the striking rawness of the ocean and dunes that surround it, this Florida beach house is naturally stunning. The greys of the surf and the beiges of sand are repeated in the hues of the linen, the wood of vintage tables and an imposing black bed jump out from the natural textures and elegant cream hues around it. A four-poster bed will add instant drama to any space.

‘The homeowners did not make specific requests for their home. Instead, they provided a list of 10 words and phrases to guide the design. Some of these included “peaceful retreat”, “outside-in”, “harmonious with location” and “environmentally responsible”.’ ‘This home is deeply rooted in classical proportions, but strays from any nod to classical architecture,’ says Christian Thomas, architect at Thomas Melhorn

Combining white plaster, local shell stone, limed plaster, timber and organic fabrics with colors inspired by the surroundings, the palette subtly captures the essence of light, from sunrise to sunset. ‘We attempted to reflect the environment,’ say both Christian and the interior designer Betsy Brown.

In the different areas, vintage furniture and objects with earthy tones prevail. ‘The idea was to use pieces that look like they could be moved from room to room and still belong in each space,’ says Betsy. ‘We wanted an easy, effortless flow. The goal was to create an unforced, authentic space filled with inherent luxury.'

11. Add a standout statement headboard

bedroom ideas with statement rattan headboard and beige walls

Design by Home Studios

(Image credit: Brian Ferry)

If there’s one item that separates the bedroom from every other room, it’s the bed. And if there’s one item that can make your bed stand out it’s the headboard, the crown to every king and queen. 

These days, statement headboards reign among 2022’s bedroom trends, and they’re often the main feature of the bedroom’s design scheme. Their stunning finishes  range from mosaic tiles to raucous patterns and bespoke woodwork. In the townhouse above, Brooklyn’s Home Studios embraced the trend with a custom built-in headboard that incorporates bedside tables.

“The incorporation of collectible design and art was very important to this project as it was our wish to provide the client with a unique home environment that speaks directly to their lifestyle,” says Oliver Haslegrave, the founder of Home Studios. “We designed the custom rattan, walnut and travertine bed as a focal piece of the room.” With its muted palette but clever use of shapes this is another example of why beige bedroom ideas are never bland.

12. Bring the outdoors in 

bedroom with large picture window looking out to trees

Design by Ike Kligerman Barkley

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

If you’re lucky enough to have a view, let the outdoors set the mood. In the West Seattle home above, natural scenery steals the show through wall-to-wall windows. In this modern bedroom, an uncluttered interior brings the outdoors in without interruption. 

“I did not want to obstruct the view of the woods with furniture,” says Mia Jung, the director of interiors at Ike Kligerman Barkley. “Therefore, the furniture was naturally selected to enhance the open view of the windows. A low modern bed was just the right thing to ensure that, and the tall chest was placed to juxtapose the low bed. A rug with rich, luxurious texture and colors counterbalanced the heavy ceiling detail. Lastly, the wing chair bridged the two different heights.”

13. Mix decorative patterns for a layered scheme

bedroom ideas with a plaid headboard and paisley armchair

Design by Heidi Caillier

(Image credit: Haris Kenjar)

It can feel risky enough picking one bold pattern for your bedroom. But if you select the right materials and pair them with a subtle background, you can create a layered space that’s both interesting and soothing. In the rustic bedroom above, a modern beige wall smooths out the vibe while a mix of old and new patterns create harmony with different scales.

“When mixing patterns, it is really about balance,” says Seattle-based interior designer Heidi Caillier. “It’s important to mix small and large-scale patterns and colors that don’t feel overly ‘matchy.’” 

But be careful not to go overboard with one bold pattern. “It’s also smart not to incorporate too much of one thing—for example, here we include just one plaid and one floral,” notes Caillier. “These patterns feel uniquely different, but they also work together to tell a story rather than feeling too strong on their own.” 

To help the overall look feel less “overtly designed,” Caillier also recommends adding some vintage fabric for good measure and balance (we have plenty of expert tips for making a traditional pattern feel modern, too). 

14. Create access to outside

bedroom ideas with access to outside through big glass sliding doors

Design by Marmol Radziner

(Image credit: Roger Davies)

Incorporating access to the outdoors into your bedroom ideas? That’s what dreams are made of, if you ask us. Certainly, the approach is only possible with a major renovation (unless it exists already) and a hefty budget, but it’s nevertheless worth considering if you’re building a master bedroom from scratch, like the home above. 

“Where possible we always like to create easily accessible exterior spaces adjacent to primary bedrooms,” says Ron Radziner of Marmol Radziner. “It becomes a nice spot for a cup of coffee or to read the paper in the morning. It is a nice space to spend time in, a space for reflection.”

And while views of nature certainly create visual interest, it’s important to bridge the gap between your outdoor space and the corresponding interior. “The earth tones, the browns and grays that are in the room, mirror the colors outside and help to bring the two together,” says Radziner.

15. Wallpaper a statement wall

bedroom ideas with wallpaper behind the headboard and a patterned quilt under a black ceiling

Design by Natalie Papier, mural by Fine & Dandy Co

(Image credit: Megan Easterly for Fine & Dandy Co)

Looking for a foolproof way to bring pattern, color, and texture into your design? Bedroom wallpaper does it all. And while you can go wall-to-wall with the right print, even a simple statement wall keeps busy patterns in check.  A prime example is the bedroom above by interior designer Natalie Papier

“The large scale pattern of the Audubon mural with the oversize birds and the black painted ceiling draws your eye to the head of the bed, creating a great focal point,” says Jill Steinberg, the co-founder of Fine & Dandy Co., the maker behind the grey and white print. “If on a tight budget, a mural as a feature wall can really give you a huge impact for your money.”

Feeling bold? “Ceiling murals are also very popular,” adds Steinberg. “Chinoiserie panels or wallpaper used on screens or closet doors can add some unexpected details if you’d like to opt for something understated but still achieve an opulent and elegant result.” Even a little bit will go a long way: adding prints in panels, after all, is one of the biggest wallpaper trends for 2022.

16. Add a sitting area

neutral bedroom ideas with seating area and indoor tree

Design by Studio Life/Style

(Image credit: Sam Frost)

With so much attention on the bed, adding a seating area—even just a single chair tucked into a corner—can turn your bedroom into a dynamic, multi-purpose space. The point is to create a separate spot for rest, allowing you to sit for a cup of coffee or tie your shoes (if you’re lucky, you might even have space to squeeze a small sofa for some serious lounging). 

In the serene room above, a simple space for seating at the foot of the bed adds depth to the bedroom’s overall function. “These accent chairs are the perfect size and shape for the space,” explain Shannon and Brittany, co-founders of Studio Life/Style. “When designing a space, we make sure the furniture pieces scale appropriately in the room. It was crucial for our clients to have an alternative seating area for reading and TV watching.”

17. Be contrasting with monochrome shades

bedroom ideas with white walls and indoor tree and arched door

Design by Sean Anderson Design

(Image credit: Haris Kenjar)

Leaning toward crisp and clean white bedroom ideas? Don’t forget to add some contrast. As serene as white walls can be, they’re also a perfect backdrop for a bold pop of color or a dramatic shade. In the bedroom above, a soaring space with a vaulted ceiling and bright white walls, you’ll find a balance of light and dark that anchors the all-around luxe (yet relaxed) room.

“The component that most significantly informed the design direction in this room were the dark stone pavers used for the floor, which was the first thing I chose,” says interior designer Sean Anderson

“When I started with such a visually heavy floor I knew the rest of the room needed furnishings and decor that felt light and airy. It’s a juxtaposition that feels both bold and welcoming, which so perfectly represents these clients — she’s breezy and relaxed, while he’s more rough-and-tumble.”

18. Add a bookshelf to fill the room with personality

bedroom ideas with a bookcase and arc lamp

Design by Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

(Image credit: Halkin Mason Photography)

While you can fill an entire bedroom with your most personal nicknacks, keeping your most precious mementos contained will help your space feel cool and collected. 

In the high-rise unit above, the bedroom rises to the occasion thanks to a custom bookshelf—a bonafide vault of memories—that adds visual interest to an otherwise stark, modern building. 

“The design allows the client’s personality to shine through with her personal collection of artifacts, books, textiles, and furniture, assembled during decades of travel around the world,” says Meg Rodgers, a principal at Philadelphia’s Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design who offset the eclectic mix with a neutral color scheme. “The custom bookcase was designed to complement the clients Thos. Moser bedside table and Thos. Moser bed.  We painted the backs of the bookshelves to keep them light and to allow the objects to pop. The result is an eclectic look that allows her to continue her story in a new more modern environment.”

19. Go dark, but not necessarily black

dark bedroom ideas with wall painted in Inchyra Blue by Farrow and Ball

Design by Nicholas Potts

(Image credit: Jennifer Hughes)

If you’re drawn toward the night, a dark bedroom design can deliver a meditative experience. And while black bedrooms may seem like the obvious approach, don’t assume that every dark palette is a total blackout. You can also achieve drama and depth with a hint of color, from inky blues to earthy tones. 

In the Manhattan bedroom above, designer Nicholas Potts created a moody blue cocoon by painting the walls, mouldings, and ceiling in the same color (a perfect trick for small bedrooms). “Since most of the time spent in a bedroom is during the night, we wanted to augment this experience—almost as if the room disappears and becomes part of the nighttime sky,” explains architect and designer Nicholas Potts. “During waking hours, the room is a transition to a state of sleep... and ultimately very calming and meditative.”

The effect also carved out an altogether different mood compared with the rest of the apartment. “Going darker also helped balance the light levels across the apartment—the rest of the apartment is all white but has fewer windows, and this room is located on a very bright corner but paradoxically wants to be the dimmest due to its use,” adds Potts. “I love using colors that have some mystery to them and exist between hues. The color we landed on, Farrow and Ball's Inchyra Blue, takes on green, blue, or grey tones depending on the time of day and lighting conditions.”

20. Set the mood with grey

bedroom ideas with grey walls

Design by Brian Paquette Interiors

(Image credit: Haris Kenjar)

Depending on which shade you pick, grey bedroom ideas can range from warm and cocooning to dark and moody. Either way, the hardworking neutral is one of the most adaptable bedroom color ideas around, easily serving as a backdrop for brilliant pops of color as well as deeper, dramatic shades that are just as bold. In the bedroom above, a soft grey paint is just the beginning of an all-out calming interior.

“I try to limit the palette in most of our bedrooms, something soothing that allows the client to truly reset,” says Seattle-based designer Brian Paquette. “We used tone on tone but many textures to build a calm but interesting place to retreat.” 

Paquette explored a range of grey and charcoal fabrics for the bed, bench, chair, and bedding to bring rich texture to each and every neutral. “It may seem simple to do a room in all one shade but the eye needs to be trained to understand the subtle changes in color and the weight each shade and texture will have to ensure the overall design is balanced,” he says.

21. Go boho, but peacefully so

bedroom ideas with bed on a raised wooden plinth and woven wall hanging

Design by A1000XBetter

(Image credit: Alex Zarour of Virtually Here Studios)

Bedrooms are the most personal spaces in your home, so if you’re keen to showcase as much personality as possible there are plenty of boho bedroom ideas that leave ample room for flair. Awash in relaxed materials like rattan alongside woven textiles, patterned fabrics, and statement pieces of furniture, the boho vibe is certainly out of the box. Ticking all of the boxes, the bedroom above offers a bohemian spirit with an unmistakable dose of tranquility. 

“We wanted a quiet color palette that didn’t compete with the view outside,” says Kirsten Blazek, the founder of A1000XBetter. “The statement piece and focal point of this room is the bed with its unique wood platform that runs all the way around. The vintage rug and framed maps of the states that our clients were born in helped bring in soul and added a personal touch to their bedroom.” 

Of course, “Bohemian” style can be eclectic without feeling cluttered. “Bohemian inspired interiors typically feel layered and warm but they also don’t need to be over-decorated and should feel tranquil and calming,” adds Blazek. “When creating a bohemian aesthetic in your bedroom it is important to use a mix of natural materials like wood, leather, and linens. We always bring in vintage items to add authenticity and a curated collection of items from around the world. The textiles are also very important and can be a great way of enhancing the traveled spirit of being Bohemian.”

22. Incorporate clever bedroom storage

bedroom ideas with wooden cupboards

Design by Workstead

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Sure, not everyone can have a walk-in closet. But incorporating storage ideas from hidden cupboards to floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and even drawers tucked beneath your bed frame will help you maximize your space without sacrificing style. To make the most of your bedroom storage space, consider going bespoke, like the terribly handsome wardrobe installed in the bedroom above. 

"The primary bedroom closet in our Twin Bridges project serves as both a room divider and utilitarian object,” explains Robert Highsmith, a principal at Brooklyn’s Workstead. “Crafted from cherry and incorporating rounded corners that mimic the building’s architecture, the cabinet features dueling full-height closets, drawers, and open display areas.”

Here, the unit works twice as hard, changing the entire layout of the bedroom. “The cabinet also provides a buffer between the bedroom area and a dressing area that leads to the adjacent bathroom beyond,” adds Highsmith. “The result is a monolithic sculpture that provides a myriad of storage opportunities, alongside a practical spatial purpose."

23. In small spaces, aim for built-in furniture

bedroom ideas with built-in oak storage

Design by DISC Interiors

(Image credit: D Gillbert Photography)

If you lack square footage, the best small bedroom ideas will maximize your space from corner to corner. Instead of focusing on your horizontal footprint, consider ways to enhance your space vertically. Anything from floor-to-ceiling storage and low-slung beds can work together to create an airy, spacious bedroom.

“We custom-designed the bookshelf to have a sculptural and minimal quality to showcase books and decorative items,” says  David John Dick of Los Angeles’ DISC Interiors of the Pasadena home above. Keeping a minimal profile, DISC added solar shades (instead of voluminous curtains) and a light yellow silk DeGournay wallcovering behind the bed to further a bright, warm environment. 

“The bed is lower to the ground, complementing the ceramic vases that we turned into lamps,” adds Dick.

24. Make your guest bedroom a suite

bedroom ideas

Design by David Frazier

(Image credit: Gieves Anderson)

You don’t need to offer turndown service to turn a spare room into a stylish guest bedroom. Whether it’s a multi-purpose space (one that doubles as a home office) or a neutral bedroom scheme (a safe choice for mixed company), the chief concern is comfort. 

In the guest bedroom above, a classic and symmetrical layout is easy on the eyes while offering all the right comforts. “I think the same principles are there in regards to the design of both a guest and primary bedroom: it has to be a place that is both comfortable and beautiful, relaxed, but interesting,” says New York-based interior designer David Frazier. “The subtleties are what matter most in a guest bedroom: multifunctional window treatments to filter light and also provide the option for black-out, accessories that make the guest feel comfortable: a place for luggage, a place to charge your phone, [and] a place to read [or] escape besides the bed when you get tired of your hosts (ha!).”

25. Fill a large room with texture

bedroom ideas

Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

It sounds like a problem anyone would be lucky to have: what can you do with a bedroom that’s huge? Too much space can leave a room feeling cold and cavernous, and it’s no small task figuring out how to decorate large walls that can make average-sized artworks look like postage stamps. While there are many paint ideas that can fill a room with color, one of the easiest tricks to extra large bedrooms is to create dimension with texture

“Texture is a fool-proof way to make any size room feel cozy,” says Houston-based interior designer Marie Flanigan. In the oversized bedroom above, Flanigan chose tactile surfaces—like fluted plaster walls and a range of textiles like chunky knit throws and a bamboo silk rug—to bring the space back down to earth.  “The deep blue upholstered wall, doubling as a headboard, is nestled within a bleached white oak alcove and nearly extends to the ceiling,” adds Flanigan. “This creates a fabulous focal point for the entire room. Plus, blue always elicits a feeling of calm...” 

bedroom ideas with a gallery wall of art hung above the bed

Design by Brian Koehler

(Image credit: Gieves Anderson)

If you’re struggling to pick the right piece of art for your bedroom, consider doubling down. The best gallery wall ideas bring personality to the boudoir while also blending in rich colors, patterns, and textures all in one. As a perfect complement for white bedroom ideas, you can mix a range of styles, materials, and proportions to create balance and tension like in the curated bedroom above. 

“I think it's about the blend of different styles. From the abstract art directly above the late 17th-century Victorian cast iron and gilt mirrors to the French mid-century alabaster and brass chandelier sitting in front of the vast ocean photograph by Wolfgang Uhlig,” says interior designer Brian Koehler. “I think the reason I'm able to incorporate pieces that someone wouldn't necessarily pair together is that the backdrop for the room is simple and classic; crisp white walls, classic white bedding, a simple linen bed frame, a 1940s French rush chair...they all feel timeless and allow for different types of art to shine and work together.”

27. Escape clutter and embrace minimalism

bedroom ideas

Design by Workstead

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

In an effort to create a clean and uncomplicated space—a balanced environment for sleep—the hallmarks of minimalism in interior design are tailor-made for bedrooms. One trademark of a minimalist bedroom is an all-around spare aesthetic, one that allows raw and simple forms to stand out, like in this rustically luxurious Shelter Island abode pictured above.

"The bedroom design at Shelter Island celebrates the gabled architecture, natural light, and the surrounding landscape by keeping things simple,” says Ryan Mahoney, a designer at Brooklyn’s Workstead. “We believe that materials have an inherent natural beauty, so we let them speak for themselves by keeping forms elemental.” 

The bedroom itself is a minimalist’s dream—the focus lands on raw, rich materials like pinewood ceilings, the Indiana limestone hearth, and the white oak floors. "The restrained furnishings are for sleeping, reading and appreciating the landscape,” adds Mahoney. “The handful of items, however, are thoughtfully considered, offering a balance of luxury, comfort, and rustic appeal.”

28. Relax with a neutral bedroom

bedroom ideas with a neutral scheme and wooden headboard

Design by NAINOA

(Image credit: NAINOA)

Torn between a light and dark color palette? Find a peaceful middle ground with neutral bedroom ideas that will envelop your bedroom in natural, soothing colors. “Your bedroom is the first room you see in the morning and last one before closing your eyes,” says Noa Santos of NAINOA, the interior designer behind the serene bedroom above. “As such, it can set the tone for your day. A neutral palette can be an effective way to make those critical moments calm ones.” 

But don’t just stop at color, because decorating with neutrals, like soft greys and beige, is just the beginning to a layered aesthetic that folds in organic accents like linen, wood, and terracotta. “Importantly, if you're using a neutral palette, you have to consider texture, weight and the finer material details even more closely—the space still needs to have a richness.”

29. Brighten up rooms with less natural light

bedroom ideas

Design by Jessie Schuster 

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman)

Natural light is brilliant, but not every bedroom has sunshine beaming through every window. If you’re low on direct sunlight a mix of the best bedroom lighting ideas (a trifecta that includes task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting) will have your room glowing in no time. 

Taking it one step further, you can also brighten your space with pops of color and refreshingly light materials. In the soft and serene bedroom above, interior designer Jessie Schuster made the most of a softly lit space by adding splashes of chartreuse textiles (green bedrooms help foster a deeper connection to nature) and warm, organic accents. 

"The room doesn’t get direct sunlight because, as you can see in the photo, it faces a brick wall,” says Schuster “Surprisingly, it still does get a lot of natural light—a little odd, but welcome. I wanted the walls to be white and bright, and then I added some moodiness through the art and natural materials. By keeping the walls and then also the rug light and bright, it helped to make the whole room feel lighter and brighter in a low-light situation."

30. Play around with earth tones for a kid's room

bedroom ideas for kids

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson)

Out of all the bedrooms in the house, the kids' room may well be the trickiest—children grow up fast, and they tend to change their minds before the paint dries. To make the investment last, the best kids’ bedroom ideas get creative with spaces that kids grow into, skipping childish themes for simple schemes that are easy to update. 

In the bedroom above, New York’s Pappas Miron Design delivers a master class in how to design a kid’s room. “We avoid buying “kids” furniture for any of our clients rooms, as within a few years, the kids have outgrown them,” says designer Tatyana Ahlers. “Instead, we prefer to do a paint color that can be updated, or bedding that can be changed out if the client wants a room to feel young at the outset.”

Here, deep brown walls (Farrow and Ball’s London Fog) allow pops of turquoise, yellow, and red decor to keep the overall vibe playful while mid-century modern furniture folds in clean lines and warm materials. “We always believe in one good piece of furniture in every room, including for the young ones,” adds Ahlers. “Old school wool blankets can add a lot of color and texture and make a kids room seem more mature—they are favorites.”

31. Use rusty shades for a warming space

bedroom ideas with rust colored headboard

Design by Shawn Henderson

(Image credit: Stephen Kent Johnson)

While they’re often seen in neutral color palettes, warm earth tones (among the most popular paint trends for 2022) deserve their own special spotlight. In line with the biophilic design movement, colors that bring elements of the outdoor world inside are increasingly coveted by designers hoping to create relaxed, holistic environments. In the modern bedroom above, a balanced palette of earth tones (like the bold and beautiful sienna brown headboard) adds to the natural, calming design scheme.  

For the designer, New York’s Shawn Henderson, the interior’s overall simplicity, along with a smart mix of texture and furniture in an array of tones, completes the picture. “I think these tones are soothing–the overall effect allows you to relax–perfect for a bedroom,” says Shawn Henderson. 

How can I make my bedroom stylish?

The tricky part of designing a bedroom is that it will always need to include certain things. A bed, some storage, a mix of lighting. Making your bedroom stylish is about finding a way to incorporate style around the room's function.

'A bedroom can be made stylish simply by a few decorative touches,' says Livingetc's editor Pip Rich. 'You can switch the headboard for a vast, statement piece available affordably from many online stores. Or you can change the lampshades on your bedside lamps to be a bright color and daring pattern. The simplest way to make a bedroom stylish, though, is to keep it tidy. Put away the clothes that are strewn across the chair, pick up the books by the side of the bed. By just organizing your space you will instantly find it looks a whole let better.'

Keith Flanagan is a New York based journalist specialising in design, food and travel. He has been an editor at Time Out New York, and has written for such publications as Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveller, Food 52 and USA Today. He regularly contributes to Livingetc, reporting on design trends and offering insight from the biggest names in the US. His intelligent approach to interiors also sees him as an expert in explaining the different disciplines in design.