5 Major Bathroom Flooring Trends That Will Take Over 2024 — "This is What People Are Choosing Now"

These bathroom flooring trends wonderfully merge beauty and practicality, and lay the grounds for the most luxe, relaxing and timeless interior

A bathroom with purple tiles with white specks in it
(Image credit: Tim Veresnovsky)

Selecting the perfect flooring for your bathroom can be a hard decision as this is the most visible surface in the room, and it needs to be as beautiful as it is practical. Plus its look and feel impacts the overall design of the room. With the myriad of options available, it’s essential to consider options known for their longevity, maintenance, and comfort.

To this end, we asked designers to tell us about the biggest bathroom trends. Take a look at the hottest designs, colors, and styles taking over 2024.

1. Textured, uneven natural stone tiles

A bathroom made in natural stone

(Image credit: Note Design Studio)

'Natural stone is very popular, alongside tiles that embrace simplicity with handmade, uneven edges,' avers Kashi Shikunova, director at Yam Studios. 'Choose ones with subtle color variations for a nuanced aesthetic, adding depth and texture to the space. The focus leans more towards texture rather than pattern, allowing for a layered and nuanced feel without overwhelming the overall design.'

Natural stone has always been a big bathroom trend, especially for those who want more of a luxury bathroom look. Stones such as marble, granite, or slate add warmth and an organic touch to the space, making it feel more livable.

2. Colored porcelain tiles

A bathroom with purple tiles

(Image credit: Tim Veresnovsky)

Gone are the days when color was induced only through wall paints. Modern bathrooms call for modern ideas, and one such is with painted bathroom floor tiles.

'There are some excellent options coming out in porcelain tiles in color,' says San Franciso-based Sondra Ganz, founder of Studio Ganz. 'Incidentally, I see so many pretty images on Instagram and Pinterest with, terracotta or even “concrete” Spanish-patterned flooring in the bathroom. Don’t fall for it — it’s a trend trap! These floor surfaces are such a pain to maintain. Plus, they stain, crack, and chip easily. Instead, choose porcelain tiles that mimic some of these designs without compromising on durability. And, never use true limestone for bathroom flooring. I made the mistake of honoring my husband’s “one" wish in my home and regret that decision every day!'

3. Gray grout lines

A bathroom with white tiles and grey grout lines

(Image credit: The Stylesmiths)

When it comes to grout colors, a long-standing bathroom tile trend has been of more subtle color combinations. Muted tile and grout colors make the space feel larger while creating a calming experience.

'A classic and timeless bathroom grout and tile color combination is of white tiles with gray grout,' says Richard Misso, creative director at The Stylesmiths. 'These create a clean and crisp aesthetic in any bathroom. The white tiles reflect light and make the space feel bright and fresh. The gray grout provides contrast against the white tiles, helping to define each tile and create a more interesting visual effect than if white grout were used. This combination is also versatile and can complement many bathroom styles, from classic to modern. It pairs well with different fixtures, accessories, and color schemes.'

'Also, white and gray are neutral colors that have stood the test of time in interior design,' avers Richard. 'They are unlikely to look dated or out of fashion, making this combination a safe and stylish choice for the long term. Plus, white tiles hide dirt and stains well, and gray grout is less likely to show discoloration.'

4. Speciality tiles

A bathroom with speciality tiles

(Image credit: Studio Ganz)

A bathroom wall tile or a bathroom backsplash tile that has the best aesthetic qualities of natural stone but also also the practicality of, say an engineered tile would be ideal, won't it? Good thing is, there are designs available that suit all needs.

'One of the tiles I can’t stop using are the Arizona Tile- Pietra Italia,' shares Sondra. 'For years I could not find a porcelain tile that really looked like limestone, but this one is simply incredible. The colors and natural textures are perfect. Even though I have never experienced chipping, as its through-color ensures that even the smallest “dings” won’t show any visible wear. Beyond aesthetics, the size options are versatile — square, rectangle, and stacked. It even comes in a large 24x48 size that can be cut down for thresholds (with clean exposed edges), shower benches, shelves, and more. The mosaic is perfect for shower floors although the special R11 Anti-slip finish allows you to use the larger format sizes in the shower and outside as well. The product doesn’t fail and looks timeless in any project.'

5. Large format tiles

A bathroom with large floor tiles

(Image credit: Pablo Veiga. Design: Carter Williamson Architects)

'One format that has always remained timeless and for good reason are large format porcelain wall and floor tiles with minimal grout joints,' says Julia Mack, founder of Julia Mack Design. 'Quicker and easier to install than small mosaic or handmade tiles, the result is a clean and contemporary look for a newly remodeled bathroom.'

These tiles are especially great in small bathrooms that do better with a more minimalistic look, so the space feels larger and airy. With fewer grout lines, large-format tiles help create a seamless look.

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