5 Ways to Beautify Your Backyard for a Superb Outdoor Living Space in Time for Spring

These ideas will transform "blah" backyards into dreamy outdoor oases

Tropical-inspired backyard porch area
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Elevating your outdoor space doesn't always require a full transformation. There are so many ways to beautify your backyard that vary by timeline, cost, and effort. While you may want to call in landscape architects for help, there are more instantaneous options that can upgrade this part of your exterior.

The smallest edits, such as refreshing the orientation and cleaning up your pavers, can make a drastic difference. Slightly more involved projects, such as building out different layers is another expert-approved option.

If you've been seeking out sleek enhancements for your outdoor area or finishing touches for your backyard, this compilation with designer input is here to solve your lackluster backyard woes.

1. Create Different Zones

Black house with large, zoned backyard

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One reason why your backyard may be feeling far from beautiful is a lack of purpose and intention with the spaces that make up the area. Breaking out sections for outdoor dining, lounging in the sun, doing recreational activities, and conversing can give meaning to a randomly designed spot.

Lukas Berezowiec, founder and CEO of No Triangle Studio, suggests creating 'lifestyle activity hubs unified through cohesive material schemes' that'll invite your fellow dwellers and visitors to explore. You want these areas to feel natural and part of a whole; the point is to 'encourage meandering discovery over monotonous homogeneity,' he adds.

2. Curate Livable Outdoor Spaces

Tropical-inspired backyard porch area

(Image credit: Rayana Schmitz. Design: Firefinish Interiors)

It's one thing to have a lovely backyard to look at, but it's a whole other to create one that cultivates an atmosphere of an outdoor living room. Rusty outdoor chairs covered in cobwebs or a lack of surfaces for plates, cups, and books don't set the tone for an outdoor 'room' you'd want to spend time in.

Even backyards that are gorgeous at face value aren't necessarily functional. Rayana Schmitz of Firefinish Interiors says, 'The ultimate goal is to design a space that is not only visually pleasing but also encourages relaxation and enjoyment, fully utilizing the potential of the outdoor space.' She suggests doing this through 'the thoughtful introduction of diverse colors and textures (fabrics, materials, pillows, etc.), combined with the placement of uniquely designed sculptural pieces.'

3. Invest in Consistent Pavers and 'Flooring'

Pavers in neat pattern on outdoor patio

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Nothing ruins the ambiance of a beautiful backyard like haphazard pavers or tiles. If erosion or consistent traffic has wreaked havoc on your outdoor flooring, or you've never taken the time to build out walkways and garden paths, this is a perfect starting point for beautifying your backyard.

Joe Raboine, vice president of design at outdoor paving brand Belgard, says this can be done in any size space. 'You can easily add a paver walkway or garden pathway for more visual interest,' he says. 'Pavers add an elevated look to your outdoor space, and you can play with colors and textures to create unique designs.'

4. Add Levels to Your Backyard 

White home with white and gray backyard space

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A backyard that's one level plane doesn't ignite the same interest or grab the eye nearly as well as one with several layers. Home design expert Laurel Vernazza at The Plan Collection notes that you don't need ample horizontal space to improve your backyard – think vertically. 

'Rather than building out, homeowners are building up,' she says. 'Raised outdoor spaces add whimsy and a bit of curiosity.' There are multiple opportunities for this kind of innovation in your outdoor areas. 'A balcony can offer a private setting for morning coffee, while a raised deck can be used for entertaining and offer views,' she notes.

5. Include and Maintain Chic Garden Features

Backyard area with planted shrubs

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Paying more attention to the plants, features, and landscaping ideas of your backyard is a vital pillar in designing a gorgeous space. 'A landscaping upgrade can do wonders for your yard,' says Joe Raboine from Belgard. 'Adding in greenery and native plants immediately brightens your home and offers environmental benefits, like fostering pollinators.'

Lukas Berezowiec adds that if you're working with limited space, try to choose one 'signature showstopper,' whether that be water features, firepits, or another object of your choice. Having just one amplifies the impact of the feature without cramping the space.

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