Inside a Victorian terrace flat in west London that's a giddy mix of glamour and boho

This Victorian terrace flat in west London is a sensual dreamscape, full of beautiful textiles, lush plants, gorgeous art and vintage finds - deliciously exotic and utterly unique


A Victorian terrace flat in west London. This modern home has a kitchen with dining space, study area, a ‘salon,’ living room, one bedroom, dressing area, shower/shoe room and bathroom.

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Designed by interior decorator, Sera Hersham-Loftus, this beautiful home is hard to categorise. Sophisticated bohemian comes close, but in truth it’s a lot more decadent, sexy and exotic than that – think Chinese opium den meets Parisian artist’s studio, with a pinch of titillating Seventies film Emmanuelle mixed in!It's a giddy mix that nevertheless holds together.

The flat has an open, flowing layout thanks to a year and a half of building work.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

To keep the look creative rather than confused, Sera artfully employs colour, with a dark ceiling to ground the space. Exposed brick and reclaimed wooden flooring create a handsome, earthy backdrop, too.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

Lighting is also crucial. Sera never uses overhead lighting, as it’s too harsh. For her, it creates a flat light with no atmosphere, so instead, lamps and wall lights pepper the rooms. Sera likes to find pieces and customise them, such as this antique chaise.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

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This beautiful table was made by Sera’s partner Danny Lane, as part of a collection they have collaborated on.

Victorian terrace flat in west London


The desk is an Italian table bought at a market.

Victorian terrace flat in west London


The only hanging lights here are suitably exotic. They were made in the 1940s from parchment, and have been fitted with amber bulbs for a beautiful glow. Sera has fitted blackout blinds to the window, as the apartment gets so bright. They have scalloped edges like in a Paris café. The vintage shutters to the side of the window actually conceal extra storage shelves.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

The kitchen was based on a 1940s console, which is fitted to the left of the oven. It was then copied to make all the units.

Victorian terrace flat in west London


This bedroom brims with textiles and wallpapers from around the world. Sera found 10 rolls of the wallpaper in Hong Kong and then teamed it with African textiles at the window and on the bed.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

Sera uses mirrors a lot in interiors, as they reflect light and bounce it around the room. This one came from a flea market in Paris.

Victorian terrace flat in west London


The tiling is all handmade, each piece is a one off so each is slightly different. This room (previously a shower room) looks like it’s always been here, but it’s actually brand new.

Victorian terrace flat in west London


The bathroom is decorated with wallpaper that Sera designed, with a vintage tub, and a Victorian mirror on the wall.

Victorian terrace flat in west London

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Photography / Paul Raeside

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