Before and after: A designer transformed her IKEA PAX into a stylish built-in closet

This century-old Philadephia home now boasts a chic boudoir with Scandinavian roots

White IKEA PAX hack
(Image credit: Christina Blake)

The iconic IKEA PAX has served as storage space globally, but this fashionable flat-pack has potential behind its minimalist façade.

The most current of our IKEA hack crushes comes in the shape of Christina Blake, an interiors enthusiast who is renovating her historic Philadephia property with assistance from the Scandi-cool powerhouse. Among her transformations is the PAX, which she changed from a conventional flatpack to a built-in worthy of its timeless postcode. 

In her blog, Christina walks through the design process, so you can recreate its aesthetic on either side of the Atlantic. 

IKEA PAX before 

IKEA PAX before hack

(Image credit: Christina Blake)

Christina explains how she first decided to transform her PAX as she craved its functionality, but similarly wanted a bespoke-style furnishing that complimented the bedroom. After picking up the units, she began by assembling the frames and screwing them in place. 

IKEA hacks PAX during rennovation

(Image credit: Christina Blake)

The doors were specially adjusted to ensure they were suitable for the home’s design quirks. Most notably, her high ceilings meant that there were around 14″ of unused space which detracted from the desired ‘built-in’ effect. 

Therefore, Christina invested in hardwood boards to design a frame around both sides of the unit which eliminated gaps from the back of the wardrobe to the walls. She then redefined stylish storage ideas by creating boxes to sit on her open shelf – before nailing them to the top of the wardrobe.

IKEA wardrobe hack

(Image credit: Christina Blake)

IKEA PAX after 

After completing the structure, Christina repainted the unit with Valspar’s Ultra White semigloss – the color she uses throughout the property – to maintain the quintessential scheme. She then added crown molding to the top of the PAX – before designing the baseboards to run between the back to the walls effortlessly. 

IKEA hack after transformation

(Image credit: Christina Blake)

‘We were originally planning on making the crown molding so that it touched the ceiling but ended up liking the little space between the molding and the ceiling – it leaves a soft shadow that really highlights the height of the wardrobe,’ Christina adds.  

This is the walk-in closet idea of the moment. Now, all we need is a PAX and a beautiful Philadelphia townhouse.

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