Drew Barrymore’s Hamptons Home is up for Sale, and the Office Space is Drenched in a Pretty Trending Hue

The actress' Hamptons abode features a color-drenched study that's perfectly on trend

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We often take tons of inspiration from celebrity homes as they happen to be decked out in the finest colors and decorated with the trendiest furniture. So when we came across snapshots of Drew Barrymore's warm Hamptons house, we couldn't help but admire the beauty of the beach home.

Currently on sale for $8.5 million, the actress' stunning estate has a charming backyard, an outdoor bocce ball court, and a pool fit for the summer. The interior of the home perfectly fits Drew's warm personality, with comfort being a clear theme throughout. And while we will certainly be taking notes from the bright, airy kitchen and the cozy family room, it's the study that really caught our attention.

Draped in a friendly shade of muted pastel pink, the home office embraces a popular color trend of recent years. Perhaps it's the playful quality of the color or maybe it's the fact that it works well as an elevated neutral, but designers have all been playing into the pink trend lately. Even the decor within Drew's room is made to fit in so seamlessly that it's almost as if one is viewing the room through a literal rose-tinted lens. Here, we take a tour of the sprawling space.

Pastel Pink for a pop of color

A color-drenched pink study with white accents

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Drew Barrymore's Hamptons home is everything one could ask for from a beach house. It has bright spacious rooms that prioritize comfort without neglecting the style quotient and the sheer expanse of the plot makes it a dream vacation home. There are windows present at every corner allowing the home to be a sunlit dream during the summer while giving inhabitants a picturesque view of the lush surrounding landscape. And while that may be reason enough for the home to sell quickly, we personally find the pastel pink study to be a beautiful selling point.

What can only be described as an architectural manifestation of Drew herself, the room's muted baby pink walls are perfectly complimented by the light wood accents offering a sophisticated space with a touch of whimsy. Home offices tend to be dreary and awfully serious but Drew's study is a clear example that you can have wonderfully chic spaces that cater to formal work.

From the pink walls to the Hamptons-style decor, we found the interiors perfectly fitting to the vibe of the space and so did interior design expert Nina Lichtenstein. 'The choice of pastel pink for this space is both unexpected and delightful, adding a touch of softness and warmth without overwhelming the room,' she says. 'Pink is often associated with tranquility and creativity, making it an ideal color for a study where one seeks inspiration and calm.'

Color-drenching a room can be a tricky task to execute, especially when it comes to decorating the space appropriately to avoid creating an overstimulating ambiance. However, clever color-scheming can result in a chic space like Drew's. Nina points out that Drew's decision to keep the furniture and decor neutral to allow the pink walls to remain the focal point bodes well for the space. She also tells us that this approach not only enhances the impact of the color but also creates a harmonious balance within the space.

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An overview of Drew Barrymore's Hamptons Home

An aerial view of Drew's Hamptons home

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Color expert Lisbeth Prada from Dutch Boy Paints tells us that Drew's choice of a warm baby pink for her study room is a delightful visual contrast from the rest of the home's mostly white interiors. She informs us that this muted pink hue is known for its calming effect and is great at infusing the space with a gentle and soothing vibe.

'It's the ideal space where one could spend hours reading, writing, or reflecting while being embraced in this warm hue,' says Lisbeth. 'Besides the paint, the understated decor allows the walls to shine as the focal point and the contrasting pattern play on the walls creates visual dynamism, making sure your sight travels through every corner of the room.' Tying into one of our favorite vibrant trends of 2023, Drew's study adopts the barbiecore trend beautifully thanks to the pleasantly pink walls that effortlessly spark joy.

A peek into the rest of the Hamptons Home

A rustic living room with wood accents

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Be it a primary home or a beach house, the living room is almost always the focal point of any home and this living area is enviably warm and cozy. If you've watched Drew in action as a talk show host, you'll certainly pick up on her affectionate personality and it's clear that she loves to make her guests feel comfortable. While looking through the home, you'll notice that this genuine personable quality is not confined to the cameras. The entire home, especially the living room is laced with Drew's personality, making it a sanctuary of comfort.

A rustic kitchen with dark wood accents

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The gorgeous kitchen is designed with form and function at the forefront of the layout. With an airy kitchen comes the desire to venture in and experiment with tantalizing summer recipes so it's no wonder the kitchen is a central part of the home. A minimalistic kitchen with an overarching color scheme of white, Drew's kitchen is rounded out with the dark wood-toned accents found on the walls and the floors.

A window partition can also be opened up when entertaining to further bridge the division between the cooking space and the living area. Beach homes tend to cater to people who like to entertain so this feature is a smart addition to the space.

A cozy family room

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The family room is the perfect space for an intimate setting for inhabitants to retire after a long day for an intimate evening of family time. The plush sofas look like the kind that is perfect to sink into and match perfectly with the creamy white colorway. The cohesive color scheme throughout the home makes it easy to walk into each room and retain the relaxed vibe that a beach house is meant to offer. Not to forget the incredible wraparound set of windows framing the space that make us want to curl up with a book and a glass of lemonade while every so often looking up to admire the vista of an outdoor garden.

While we may not have the money on hand to purchase Drew's serene Hamptons home, we do have a couple of ideas on how to inject some of the joyful accents of her space into our own, and since we're not one to gatekeep, you can take a look at our top buys to get the look below.

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