This Viral Gift Wrapping Hack is About to Make Your Life a Lot Easier — How Did We Manage Without It?!

Gift wrapping is harder than it looks and not the most fun of tasks, but this simple hack could be a total game-changer this festive season

Wrapped Christmas presents
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I don't know about you, but if there's one thing I dread about the approach of the festive season, it's the gift wrapping. Don't get me wrong, giving gifts to the people you love is great, but wrapping them is a whole other story. I mean, it's basically an Olympic sport: Every year, I spend hours wrestling with my scissors and sellotape, drowning in a sea of paper.

But luckily for me (and likely many others who feel the same way), I've spotted a viral hack that could be about to make life much easier for many of us this Christmas. And the best part? By using this hack, your gifts will genuinely look sleek and tidy with minimal effort, minus the usual sweat and tears. Prepare for your gift-wrapping skills to be the main topic of conversation over the Christmas table this year.

How to use a wrapping paper clamp

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This wrapping paper hack doesn't need much explaining - a wrapping paper clamp speaks for itself in a viral video posted on Instagram by the decor page @decor.snippets

This ingenious tool from Amazon minimizes the fuss of typical gift wrapping, as @decor.snippets shows us effortlessly in the video. 'Finally, a way to wrap presents without wrapping paper curling back up and tape rolling all over this place,' she says in the caption.

'Plus with the wrapping paper cutter, you can now cut straight lines with a simple glide … no need for scissors which means no more wrist and hand fatigue!'

The clamp can be positioned on a flat surface, like a countertop, which makes it even easier to maneuver your present against the paper, positioning and adjusting it before cutting and wrapping. In the video, @decor.snippets shows us just how versatile the clamp is by using three different wrapping methods. No matter your wrapping style, there's a way to make this tool work for you.

What I love about this clever Christmas craft hack is that the sheets tear perfectly, leaving us with a neat edge to fold as you wrap your Gift. Not only that, but @decor.snippets blesses us with some beautiful and unique wrapping inspo of her own. 

Once the video 'wraps' up (see what I did there) she shows us the final product of her work - a matching set of three presents with minimalistic black and brown hues, complete with elegant trimmings like string and orange slices, which give them a rustic feel.

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