The 15 Most Realistic Artificial Flowers — 'They're My Most Economical Style Secret'

No fake-looking florals here! Keep your guests guessing with the most realistic artificial flowers that last forever and are a wonderfully economical way to have blooms

The most realistic faux flowers, according to a style editor.
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the season of giving and receiving flowers is upon us. But I'm partial to realistic artificial flowers, you know. Just like the real deal, they symbolize a beautiful gesture, the perfect celebration for any occasion, exuding everything from romance to all-around good cheer. 

But unlike the real deal, they last forever, the perfect Valentines Day gift.

According to Kate Blott at Atlas Flowers, “Faux, silk, artificial — whatever you choose to call them, imitation flowers draw mixed opinions. Many flower lovers won’t accept imposters.” She adds, “Some people cannot conceive that they are of sufficient realism to look good enough.” The skilled florist highlights that artificial flower quality varies, but with the right choices, you can achieve a level of realism that challenges this skepticism. This realization is why I aim to redefine the narrative, curating an edit of the best indoor houseplants that promise everlasting beauty.

Whether you lack a green thumb, tire of the fleeting nature of fresh florals, or both, this thoughtfully curated selection is for you. Going faux is my most economical style secret and each of these lush floral picks are so lifelike — trust me, no one will suspect they aren’t real (you might even forget yourself!).

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Most Realistic Artificial Flowers


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The beauty of faux florals lies in their low maintenance; unlike real flowers, they don’t need water, fertilizer, or sunlight. According to Blott, faux flowers can last “months or even years.” A simple routine of dusting and occasional wiping is all that's required to let them work their visual magic. Blott adds, “They store well and can be reused time after time to create new designs” — making faux flowers an excellent and enduring value.” One easy hack is to softly turn the hairdryer on them every month or so, to help remove dust.

While things that seem too good to be true often are, artificial flowers prove to be a rare exception. With virtually no maintenance and lifelike qualities, they provide the joy of "fresh" flowers every day. What are you waiting for? Embrace the beauty of eternal blooms.

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