I've nailed the minimaluxe aesthetic with these 12 beautiful tabletop finds, an easy way to instantly elevate your home

Weave the home trend of the moment into your current decor with a few neutral-yet-luxe accents, carefully chosen by our shopping editor

decorative bowl, vase, and lamp in minimaluxe style on a colorful background
(Image credit: Lulu & Georgia, Net-a-Porter, Urban Outfitters)

If there’s one home aesthetic that team Livingetc are obsessed with at the moment, it’s minimaluxe. Pretty self-explanatory, it’s minimalist style meets luxury accents and is obtained by incorporating elegant-yet-understated pieces into your home to subtly elevate your space. Simply put: if you’re a fan of neutrals, minimalism, and a luxury aesthetic, this is the home trend for you. 

Now, while it’s tempting to want to switch up your entire decor (and if you do, we have some great inspo on minimaluxe color schemes), you can also incorporate the trend into your current decor with subtle accessories. Just mindfully place these pieces around your home to reflect a minimaluxe aesthetic. From introducing natural materials like stoneware and wood to creating balance with contrasting (yet complementary) colors and textures, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to minimaluxe tabletop accessories. We’ve scoured through the best home decor stores to find the ones worth spending your money on.


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What does a minimaluxe table look like?

The tenets of the minimaluxe movement are about the luxury of being able to enjoy your favorite things, and being able to truly appreciate them as they are unhampered by clutter. This translates perfectly to a tablescape, where a minimaluxe table boasts a few very carefully curated items which you can't help but admire.

'I'd expect to see a vase with an organic form, some soft linens and some rough woods on a minimaluxe table,' says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. 'Definitely some decoration, but nothing that feels unnecessary or jarring. You still want space to be able to see and enjoy the company of your friends and family, which is really what good design should always be about.'

Valeza Bakolli
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