The 12 Best Green Accent Chairs are The Secret to a Peaceful Home — Our Style Editor Picks Her Favorites

Both a color and a neutral, few things blend so seamlessly as a green accent chair. In honor of finding your zen, our style editor picked her favorites — because unwinding should always be practiced in style

Best green accent chairs, according to a style editor
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Green symbolizes luck, money, and harmony — three essentials I never turn down. From emerald to moss, it's a rich, earthy hue that grounds any space. In our hectic lives, a touch of relaxation goes a long way, and green accent chairs, with their balanced tone, bring a spa-like tranquility to even the busiest of households.

‘Green accent chairs evoke the sentiment of freshness and tranquility,’ notes interior designer Artem Kropovinsky, ‘mirroring the revitalizing attributes of spring.’ Indeed, a green accent chair can breathe new life into your space, offering a sanctuary to unwind and connect with nature's rhythms.

Consider this your invitation to pause, sink into a cozy chair with a good book, and rediscover your zen. Unlike many colors, green seamlessly integrates into any palette, alleviating the stress of coordinating decor. So why wait? Refresh your space with the finest green accent chairs handpicked by yours truly. 

These velvet accent chairs not only elevate your decor, but also add a luxurious texture to your home.

Best Green Accent Chairs

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How should I style a green accent chair?

Styling a green accent chair is delightfully simple, given its versatility and natural appeal. Since green acts as both a color and a neutral, integrating it with your existing decor is a breeze. To enhance its earthy vibe, Artem suggests pairing it with other natural tones like terracotta and sandy hues, along with ‘natural materials such as linen and jute.’

When it comes to choosing the silhouette of your green accent chair, the options are endless. However, Artem recommends complementing the chair's ‘boldness and natural vibes’ with ‘clean lines and natural shapes.’

These boucle accent chairs add a cozy touch to any space.

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