4 Ways to Style Your Home Like a French Girl — Parisian-Inspired Interior Decor Chosen By Our Editors

Give your home that Parisian 'je ne sais quoi' with four French girl-coded designer secrets

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We often hear about French girl style within the context of fashion and beauty. Think perfectly oversized trench coats, red lipstick, and Brigitte Bardot. Though, as anyone well-acquainted with France would attest to, this paradoxically put together yet uncontrived look extends far beyond fashion and beauty. The truth is that these categories are but the gateways into French girl style. After all, we don't just want to look like a French girl, we want to live like one, too.  

I, like most Americans, am fascinated by French interiors. Not only are they timelessly chic, but they have a certain quality, or should I say je ne sais quoi, that feels particularly cool. My goal upon writing this piece was to discover what exactly breeds that Parisian ‘it’ factor. Is it a color? An object? I consulted experts for answers, materializing their insight with picks from the best home decor stores. Style your home like a French girl with the following best-kept designer secrets, 

How to Style Your Home Like a French Girl

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Less Is More

Parisian living room interior.

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According to Olma Fuentes, Founder and Principal of Deni + Dove Interiors, French girl homes are minimalist but emphasize timeless, quality decor. She recommends "selecting pieces that are a bit restrained in appearance, but are also very impactful in terms of style and sophistication." To this end, consider "neutrals, clean lines, and decor pieces that have a sculptural or artistic element. Look for furniture items that are sinuous, but that are upholstered in a solid or neutral colors," adds the interior designer. 

Details Matter

Parisian apartment interior.

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It's all about the details. "Finish your room off with some beautiful millwork, such as crown molding or panel molding," advises Olma. Rather than play it safe with ordinary hardwood floors, Rotem Eylor, CEO and Founder of Republic Flooring, suggests "herringbone or chevron flooring, terrazzo flooring tiles or mosaic tile, even limestone and marble." Slightly elevated design choices like these create the sophisticated air we often notice pervading French girl interiors. 

Strategic Statements

Parisian apartment interior.

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French girls keep it classic, but that doesn't mean they don't love a statement! Quite the contrary, out-of-the-box details are integral to forming that elusive cool factor. According to Olma, you can achieve this at home with a "few fashionable focal points," such as "a stunning light fixture or beautiful artwork"  —  think of these statements as the metaphorical red lipstick of your home. Since French interiors are largely pared back, a few sophisticated focal points will spark significant intrigue. 

Vintage Accents

Parisian home interior.

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"Just as the French girl will wear a timeless basic paired with a modern accessory, French interiors also are a mix of Old World design elements paired with contemporary furnishings to help modernize the space," says Olma. Consider pairing a modern sofa with an antique mirror "or position new artwork with ancient vases," adds New York-based interior designer Artem Kropovinsky

And Alex Bass of interior design studio Salon 21 advises keeping an eye out for "pieces that embody art deco styles, rustic wood tables or cabinets that are timeless, and anything 'shabby chic.'" 

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