Taylor Swift's Favorite Kitchenware Feels Exactly Right for Exactly Now — "It Makes Me Feel So Cozy!"

Le Creuset's stoneware mug is the ultimate winter accessory of 2024. Plus, keep your food and drinks extra warm with more style editor-approved Le Creuset stoneware

Le Creuset Vancouver mug.
(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Despite recent deep fake videos of Taylor Swift "promoting" Le Creuset, the pop star's love of the French stoneware stalwart is quite real. The brand was spotted in Taylor's personal kitchen during her Miss Americana documentary on Neflix, and she's even gifted Le Creuset cookware to an adoring fan. Though deep fakes of this nature are less than ideal, their emergence was timely given our long-time between winter temperatures and the coziness of all things Le Creuset. 

As January settles in, the outside's chill demands thermals, chunky scarves, and overcoats, along with the challenge of shorter days. The remedy? Embracing cozy moments at home, ideally nestled on the couch with a warm throw blanket. And what better companion for these snug moments than an exceptionally cozy mug?

This winter, stoneware mugs, celebrated for their weight and earthy charm, claim their spot as one of our editors' favorite kitchen ideas. Stoneware, recognized for its durability due to high-temperature firing that eliminates pores, offers a thickness surpassing ordinary ceramic, ensuring your cup of joe or tea stays warm for the long haul — an ideal choice for those who savor their hot beverages slowly.

Le Creuset's $24 Vancouver Mug takes center stage as the ultimate mug of Winter 2024. Complemented by our chosen stoneware kitchenware decor selections, it's a steal. Le Creuset, creating exceptional stoneware since 1925, is renowned for high-performance kitchenware. While recognized for iconic pieces like the Dutch oven and Classic Demi tea kettle, their Vancouver mug remains a best-kept secret.

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Le Creuset Vancouver mug.

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Le Creuset's Vancouver mug, with a generous 14-ounce capacity and a range of vibrant colors, is built to last. Use it daily without worry; Le Creuset endures. It's perfect for hot cocoa or even soup, and its durability withstands repeated washes, backed by a 10-year warranty. Microwave or oven, this mug handles it all — imagine baking a cozy Le Creuset-set lava cake for one.

"I have turned to my trusty Le Creuset more than ever this month," says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. "There is a heartiness to it that makes me feel warm on the inside. Leaving it out on the side, as seen in celeb kitchens like Jack Antonoff and Stanley Tucci — helps to make a space feel familiar and homely. Even the most modern kitchens are given a cozy note when they're filled with stoneware. See Gwyneth's prized and well displayed collection of Staub Dutch ovens for more details!"

The ultimate winter accessory, the Le Creuset's Vancouver mug is not just practical but aesthetically pleasing. Imagine pairing it with your Le Creuset kettle in the same color — utter perfection! It's the small details that make a cozy winter, and this is a mug we think Taylor would approve of.

Le Creuset Vancouver mug, now $24.

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