The 'Bridgerton' Look is Trending for the Luxe Qualities it Brings to the Everyday — "It's so Elevating"

If you love the opulent interiors of 'Bridgerton,' then prepare to swoon over this carefully curated collection. Our style editor has handpicked Regency-style decor that might just make Lady Whistledown green with envy

'Bridgerton' inspired decor
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Regency style decor is a delightful paradox. It's lavish, extravagant, and anything but subtle — traits that typically imply heavy and imposing. Yet, Regency decor is surprisingly refreshing, with its natural motifs and vibrant colors evoking an idyllic charm rather than garishness. And nowhere does this balance shine brighter than the opulent world of our latest Netflix fixation, Bridgerton.

Regency interior design ideas are making a grand comeback, as noted by interior designer Nicole Cullum, all thanks to the lavish decor seen in the show. Taking cues from antiquity, ‘Regency pairs the refinement and structure of classic Greek and Roman design with an opulent, almost whimsical luxury of the high upper class,' she explains. From grand chandeliers to ornate brass details, the show's extravagant decor rivals the drama of its plotlines.  

Stephanie Purzycki, interior designer and founder of The Finish, likens the Regency style in Bridgerton to an ornate hat you might see at a horse race — extravagant, with height, birds, feathers, and all. ‘Think New Orleans style,’ she says — but dialed up to eleven.

If you're just as eager as we are to bring the charm of Bridgerton into your home, then you're in luck. Armed with expert design insights, we've scoured the depths of the internet to curate the chicest Bridgerton-inspired decor. Perfect for creating a tastefully grand yet whimsical ambiance, get ready to embark on your very own Regency transformation!

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'Bridgerton' Design Rules

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Romantic Pastels with Vibrant Pops

Surveying the sumptuous interiors of Bridgerton, it's evident that there are two distinct color palettes at play: pastel and vibrant — classic, with a twist. ‘This period was all about romance and florals,’ says OKA’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Sue Jones, ‘so I’d suggest going for more pastel tones with hints of vibrance, for example, light blues and greens with bright yellows and pinks woven in.’ Stephanie emphasizes that keeping your color palette light can make your space feel ‘fresh and modern,’ even with an abundance of decorative details. And ‘If you want to elevate your home to keep up with the Bridgertons,’ Nicole adds, ‘consider a pastel damask bedding scheme in soft blues and creams.’

Extravagant Embellishments

Now, this is where the real fun begins. If you're worried about overdoing it with decorative accents, you're likely heading in the right direction! Stephanie suggests incorporating ‘lots of tassels, poofs, fringe, brocades, elaborate drapery, tie backs, swags, feathers, and gimp.’ If you prefer to dial it back just a bit, carved wood and silks are other Regency options that will also add that touch of grandeur.

Prints on Prints

Prints, prints, and more prints — adorned on walls, fabrics, and upholstery. Patterns are layered, yet the end result remains decidedly classic. ‘To get this look, you can use things like heavy regal damask silks, embossed silks,' and French silks, suggests Stephanie. And, of course, don't forget the quintessential chinoiserie wallpaper, which introduces Regency design's signature floral and nature motifs. If you're hesitant to fully commit to wallpapering your walls, Sue recommends opting for a 'statement piece of paneled wall art featuring scenes of foliage and birds’ to quickly bring the Bridgerton look to life.

Antique-Inspired Decor

In the early 1800's, family was paramount, and high society homes were filled with valuable heirlooms. While not all of us may have access to priceless family treasures like the Bridgertons, we can capture the essence with grand vintage-inspired decor like ‘gold chandeliers, antique rugs, feather ink pens, gilded accents’ — even bird cages add a touch of whimsy, suggests Stephanie. You don’t have to go overboard with this — just a few carefully chosen touches can make a significant impact. Consider adding ‘an antique piece like a small settee, game table, or cabinet to display your favorite tea set,’ recommends Nicole. Together, these elements will evoke the ‘iconic English garden feel’ that we adore from the show.

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