"It's So Warm and Inviting" — Bobby Berk's 4 Design Rules For Perfect California Cool Decor

Berk's Spanish-style HQ feels just like home. Step inside the cozy space and shop the "Queer Eye" design expert's look for yourself

Bobby Berk inside of his California-based workspace.
(Image credit: Sara Ligorria Tramp)

Bobby Berk, renowned for his transformative work on Netflix's Queer Eye, has become a household name in the world of interior design. Beyond the TV screen, Berk's California-based workspace stands as a testament to his distinctive design philosophy, combining utility with what can best be described as California cool appeal.

His interior design approach can now be seen in his new headquarters which may technically be a workspace but has so many ideas in it that work perfectly in home decor. Rejecting conventional glass-box office spaces, Berk sought a setting that he could “make warm and inviting," a place "where my team would be inspired to be designing homes every day.” Ultimately, the solution led him to acquire an actual home: a Spanish-style residence in Lake Hollywood, California.

Initially built in 1971, the space lacked authentic Spanish style, resembling somewhat of a tract home. With the exception of a few Saltillo tile remnants near its entrance, the home was more akin to a “Spanish revival knockoff," laughs Berk. As one might imagine, the designer embarked on quite the transformation, turning the eyesore into a welcoming sanctuary. Whether you're aiming to cozier up your workspace or enhance your home's relaxing ambience, here are some key design tips inspired by Bobby Berk's remarkable transformation.

Explore the Bobby Berk Home collection at Wayfair, and check out his four design rules below.

1. Use desert hues

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Bobby Berk-designed living room.

(Image credit: Sara Ligorria Tramp)

Situated in Lake Hollywood with a view of the iconic Hollywood Sign, Berk "wanted to bring the indoors out, and the outdoors in with the terracotta colors and the greens and the neutrals and the browns." Decorating with neutrals that have a warm tint helps create a truly energizing space.

"I think it just really lends itself to the California landscape that we're surrounded by," Bobby Berk explains. Though, you need not live in California — or anywhere near a desert for that matter — to adopt this relaxing color scheme. Infuse this sense of warmth and tranquility into any home with larger tonal changes, like wall paint, along with smaller ones, like throw pillows, ensuring a beautifully seamless, natural blend.

2. Mix in a modern touch

Bobby Berk's kitchen design.

(Image credit: Sara Ligorria Tramp)

Despite the desert hues and classic ambiance of Berk's HQ, the design expert introduces modern touches, like “massive steel fireplace" — a personal favorite of his which “adds this really nice, cool modern touch to a really warm space." 

Juxtaposing classic with modern makes the space feel very ‘now,' without appearing sterile or overly-designed.

3. Play with Geometric and Striped Patterns

Bobby Berk's patterned design room.

(Image credit: Sara Ligorria Tramp)

Berk favors intricate lines and patterns in rugs, art, and wallpaper to introduce contrast to the warm elements of the space. Opting for neutral color combinations, like cream and black, allows these patterns to seamlessly integrate with the desert tones while making a tastefully timeless statement.

4. Create a seating corner

Bobby Berk's sitting area.

(Image credit: Sara Ligorria Tramp)

Recognizing the importance of varied workspaces, Berk emphasizes the need for a seating area in a home, especially if it doubles as a workspace. Sitting at the same desk hour after hour easily strips many of us of our motivation to work, so even simple additions “like a small armchair that you can have in a corner,” or a floor pillow if you’re tight on space, provides a comfortable getaway while encouraging flexibility within the work environment.

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