Skip the Resort — These Pool Lounge Chairs Look (and Feel) Like 5-Stars

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If you want to lie back and bask in the sunshine in your backyard, finding yourself the perfect pool lounge chair is an absolute must. While the more typical options of an outdoor sofa or chair duo might be a comfy way to spend time outside, nothing, and I mean nothing beats getting horizontal and soaking up the rays.

Pool lounge chairs are the best way ‘to easily elevate the overall ambiance of your backyard, giving it a mix of comfort and style,’ says Milly McEwan at RJ Living. ‘An outdoor chaise screams relaxation and luxury,’ adds CEO at Coastal Luxury Outdoors, Rafi Friedman. ‘Whereas outdoor chairs offer functional seating, especially for socializing or eating,’ he continues, ‘chaises are perfect for lounging in the sun by yourself or in quiet companionship with others.’

While outdoor lounge chairs are for relaxing and socialising, pool lounge chairs are for lying back and basking in the sunshine in the comfort of your own backyard. Great as they are in principle, though, not all outdoor chaise lounges are created equal. What sets them apart? Quality, materials, comfort, and above all: style. It’s a tall order, especially if you’re trying to snag yourself a deal. Luckily, doing this is my specialty — I quite literally shop for a living.

I read the reviews. I combed through hundreds of search results, only considering the best outdoor furniture to ensure all of the below stand up to the elements. After much deliberation, I’ve rounded up the most design-forward pool lounge chairs on the market. Kick back and relax — your vacation starts now.

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How can I choose the best pool lounge chairs?

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Ensuring you source the best lounge chairs for your outdoor space depends a lot on how you plan to use your lounger:

Maneuverability: If you want the freedom to move your pool lounge chair around the pool or garden to follow the sun, then the best loungers for you are likely to be lightweight models with wheels for easy maneuvering.

Storage: Despite being weather-resistant, you'll lengthen a pool lounge chair's longevity by storing it under cover during inclement weather. A wheeled chaise lounge will make getting it to cover much easier, whilst stacking pool lounger chairs can be placed one on top of the other to save on floor space and foldable pool loungers pack away neatly for the ultimate compact storage.

How Low Will You Go?: A true pool lounge chair will recline into a flat position, so you can turn onto your front and catch the sun from all angles, but if you're not a sun-worshipper then a curved reclining seat or steamer chair can be an alternative well worth considering.

Poolside or Garden: If you'll be using your chaise lounge poolside, where it's likely to get wet regularly, then the best pool lounge chairs for you are likely to be models with plastic-coated fabric seating which offer the quickest-drying option. In the garden, anything goes, but with most metal or wooden designs, it's best to check if cushioned padding is included or available to buy separately for maximum comfort.

What are the best pool lounge chair materials?

The key when dealing with any outdoor furniture is durability — your backyard pieces are exposed to the elements, after all, and keeping their looks intact is essential. Naturally, choosing the right material is paramount.

‘With almost any piece of outdoor furniture, you’re best to look for durable materials like teak or aluminum,’ explains Milly McEwan at RJ Living.

‘Teak is an excellent choice due to its natural resistance to weather and insects,’ she continues, not to mention its unparalleled natural beauty. Aluminum, on the other hand, is another durable option. It tends to be more affordable than teak, with the bonus of being ‘lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to maintain.’

Rafi Friedman at Coastal Luxury Outdoors is partial to polyurethane for its balanced combination of durability, washability, and sun resistance. ‘This material can come in a huge variety of colors and styles, it's antimicrobial and easy to hose off, and it'll last for years and years, even in bright sunlight, he explains.

Teak, aluminum, and polyurethane — these aren’t the only durable materials out there, but they are a good place to start. If you’re ever unsure about a material, do your research! A little bit of homework to help inform your decision ‘will ensure that your furniture lasts as long as possible!’ exclaims Milly.

How should I style my pool lounge chairs?

Pool lounge chairs feel like a vacation. So, when trying to lean into that resort-like look, consider the 5-star experience. What does luxury look like, and how does it feel?

It all starts with comfort. ‘If you want maximum comfort with a resort vibe, you can use your lounger to facilitate this aesthetic,’ says Milly McEwan at RJ Living. Make it plush with chic ‘water resistant cushions and pull up a side table for snacks and drinks.’ The goal here is to ensure that everything is at arm’s reach.

Milly's number one tip? 'Use neutral colors to blend in with the surrounding nature,’ suggests the outdoor expert. And ‘If you want to go the extra mile,’ she continues, ‘you can also install a beach umbrella to protect you from the sun and make you feel like you’re in the Hamptons’ — not essential, but highly recommended.

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