Best outdoor rocking chair – the 9 most stylish finds for this relaxing style that's perfect for backyards and porches

Once an ‘old-fashioned’ farmhouse favorite – this outdoor furniture has been reimagined for 2024. Here's where to find the best ones

An outdoor rocking chair
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The rocking chair is a firm furniture favorite. Often used on porches, they look out across the neighborhood and provide a quiet moment for relaxation. They have a touch of the traditional about them, but this summer, we're seeing these classic staples of outdoor furniture given a modern revamp, working as both an accent chair and helping you embrace your backyard as a space for relaxation. We've earmarked 9 outdoor rocking chairs we feel are some of the best outdoor furniture pieces on the market right now. 

Best wooden outdoor rocking chair

Best woven style outdoor rocking chairs

Best modern outdoor rocking chairs

Can rocking chairs stay outside?

Your rocking chair can stay outside depending on the material it's made from. If it is outdoor appropriate, you will be able to leave it outside throughout the year, provided you take your soft furnishings off. If you've gone for a wooden option, unless it has been treated with varnish, you will want to make sure it is sheltered from the elements. Teak is a great material for porch or patio furniture. It is durable, strong and has a great tone to it. 

If you want a rattan/woven look for your rocking chair, go for resin wicker. It has the look of natural wicker but is specifically designed for outdoor patio furniture. It can be quite uncomfortable so you want to make sure you have a cushion for your rocking chair. Polypropylene, vinyl and polyester are good options that are water-resistant. 

'In terms of materials, always opt for designs made from high-quality rust-proof aluminum and sustainably sourced teak or a hardwearing Neolith top,' advises Reilly Gray, co-founder of an outdoor furniture brand, Suns Lifestyle. 'Furniture that is designed for life outside won't need to be brought indoors, and if you have a pergola or covered structure (or the space and budget to add one), then this combination will set you up perfectly for year-round use.

How can I keep my rocking chair from blowing away?

If you have a particularly light rocking chair, it's susceptible to heavier winds knocking it over because of its movement. You might want to tie your furniture down with outdoor furniture weights. Alternatively, rubber stoppers can sit on either side of the chair to keep it in place and stabilize it, It will create sufficient friction that will stop it from rocking.

You can also get a windbreak and place it where the wind will come from. Thick plants can act like a small fence, or a privacy screen can do much to stop harsh winds. Some of the air will inevitably get through, but a lot will get lost in the process. 

The final method is to invest in heavy furniture in the first place that won't allow your rocking chair to blow away in the first place. 

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