The Best Moroccan Bedding Sets For Luxe Style, Bold Patterns and Joyful Colors

The best Moroccan bedding sets borrow the country's passion for pattern and flair for fabrics to make for perfect designs to sleep under

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Moroccan style might have started in Morocco but it has travelled the world over as interior designers and architects have looked to this library of design for inspiration. Famed for its arches, domes, intricate geometric patterns, and rich and vivid use of color, Morrocan design is distinctive and dazzling. 

Aside from covering our walls, floors, and furniture, there is something to be said for the best bedding sets designed in the Moroccan style. Adorning our bedrooms with these intricate designs and engaging colors is a great way to create a focal point for your bedroom and transport you to warmer more Mediterranean climates. We've scoured through the best home décor stores to track down the very best Moroccan bedding sets so you can bring some joy and detail to your bedroom. If you’d like more bedding inspiration, discover our best bedding feature. Interior designers and experts share their thoughts on upcoming trends and the Livingetc team share their best bedding buys.

1. Moroccan Blue and White Bedding

2. Moroccan Colorful Bedding

3. Moroccan Cotton Bedding

4. Moroccan Tile Bedding

Why should you choose a Moroccan duvet cover & bedspread?

There is no hard and fast rule as to why you should choose Moroccan bedding but it can be more cohesive with certain aesthetic styles than others. Interior designer, Greg Natale shares his insight into when a Moroccan duvet cover or bedspread is the perfect choice. "When you are trying to achieve a maximalist look," advises Greg Natale. Things to bear in mind when bringing home your Moroccan bedding are its cohesiveness with the rest of the room. These powerful prints work best when their colors are present in the scheme as a whole, be it your choice of lighting or furniture. Alternatively, if you want to go for a more minimal approach, choose a bedding set that features fewer colors or more neutral tones to make it easier to blend your Moroccan bedding with your existing interior. 

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