Outdoor furniture for a minimalist backyard – the best buys for a pared-back, clutter-free space

Create a minimalist feel in your backyard this summer by adding these outdoor pieces to your wish lists

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Minimalism is an design style that is often reserved for your interiors. Simple, calming and pared back, it's associated with a stripped back color palette, refined and curated choice in decor, if any decor at all, and takes its cues from nature, with organic shapes, materials and textures. 

You might have created a beautiful minimalist feel indoors, but there is no reason why you can't stretch the look to your backyard space too, introducing modern outdoor furniture that brings that tranquil look and feel you want from your backyard space. 

'When designing a minimalist backyard, I tend to incorporate a simple material palette,' says Kate Anne, founder of Kate Anne Designs. 'This is often your best approach to achieve a minimalist look.' 

I've scoured the internet to select my favorite minimalist pieces from the best outdoor furniture stores that will bring that laid-back look to your backyard.

Minimalist backyard chairs

Minimalist backyard coffee tables

Minimalist backyard dining tables

Minimalist outdoor rugs

What are the pillars of minimalism in the backyard?

We are all well aware of what minimalism in interior design looks like. Refined, minimal decor, simple and muted colors, and the use of natural materials are the key pillars associated with the interior design style. But minimalism is also a way of life. 'Minimalism is about finding the core,' says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, founder of Copenhagen’s Norm Architects, 'It is about a search for essence. By eliminating the superfluous, you emphasize core qualities of life, spaces, people.' 

This can be applied to our backyards just as we apply it ot our interiors. Limiting ornamentation, keeping design simple and sleek, opting for clean-lined furniture and keeping spaces well-manicured are ways we can bring minimalism to the outdoors. 

If minimalism at its core respects and reflects nature, our outdoor spaces are surely great places to start. Embrace trees, use wood cladding and natural materials like bamboo to build fences and structures, and bring water to the space with water features - buys that will turn your backyard into a relaxing haven.

The result means minimal upkeep for you, and a tranquil oasis you can escape to all year round. 

Oonagh Turner
Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is an experienced content editor, which basically means she's a professional window shopper with overflowing virtual baskets. For this story, she's scoured the web to find the best outdoor furniture with a minimalist design aesthetic. 

Oonagh Turner
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