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The best gardening tools are blending fashion with function, and this is where I find them. Think watering cans so good, they could double as purses — you've never seen gardening accessories like this!

best gardening tools
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Like any self-proclaimed stylish person, I'm currently hooked on Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. This FX series delves into Truman Capote's fascinating friendship and eventual feud with a clique of New York City socialites. Amidst the gripping plot lines and even more enticing fashion, I can't help but admire the timeless grace of C.Z Guest. Renowned for her wealth, yes, but also her vibrant green thumb, she made gardening exceptionally chic. I suppose I feel nostalgic for a time when people flew in suits over sweatpants — a longing for an era where even mundane activities were elevated and styled. Gardening, by nature, is already such a moment, so why not make it look like one? 

To my delight, it seems that stylish backyard ideas are on the rise. As noted by interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, the latest gardening tools reflect 'a renewed appreciation for outdoor living and a desire to infuse everyday tasks with beauty and elegance.' Think classic, versatile hues such as navy blue, hunter green, and charcoal gray, paired with timeless prints like stripes. According to the designer, this new outdoor look is all about adding ‘a touch of whimsy and charm that evokes the spirit of traditional garden style.'

One thing about me: if I'm doing anything, absolutely anything, you can bet I'll make it fashion. Whether I have an audience of twelve or I'm flying solo, gardening is no exception. After some digging (pun intended), I was astounded by the sheer chicness of each of some of these tools. You might as well carry one of these watering cans as a campy purse, because I guarantee you've never seen gardening tools quite like this before.

Explore these modern garden ideas for further inspiration.

15 Best Gardening Tools

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How should I store my gardening tools?

As spring looms, tidy up your shed by 'decluttering and organizing your space to create a clean and inviting backdrop for your gardening essentials,' advises Nina. 'Install shelving, hooks, and storage bins to keep tools and supplies neatly organized and easily accessible,' she adds.

Now, onto the fun part: Give your shed some personality with framed botanical prints, vintage signs, and lush potted plants, suggests the designer. For the ambitious, 'Consider painting the walls or adding wallpaper in a chic floral or geometric pattern to create visual interest and make your gardening shed a stylish extension of your home.'

Suffice it to say that spring has never looked more stylish! And speaking of the great outdoors, check out our outdoor furniture picks for a resort-like backyard.

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