The best bed frames play this important role in your bedroom – and these 9 achieve it perfectly

If you're looking to buy a new frame for your bedroom, invest in the best. These are 9 that have caught my eye

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Designing your bedroom is all about setting the scene for a good night’s sleep, and the most important part of getting your nighttime sanctuary spot on is the bed. 

If you're designing the space from scratch, it's best to start with the bed - the big ticket item - and go from there, allowing the material, frame and style to influence the design for the rest of your room. More than that, your bed has an important role to play in really anchoring your scheme - whether you opt for something bold or something more subdued, it's all about setting the tone. 

There really is a whole lot of research to do to make sure you're know what you're doing when making this decision. From storage beds to low profile designs, from platform beds to canopy beds, for those looking to invest wisely, we've scouted out the best buys to snap up now to complete your modern bedroom.

Best storage beds

Storage beds are the perfect small bedroom solution, helping you neatly stow away your clutter in organized drawers. The main split between storage beds is between ottoman style - which includes a clever spring mechanism whereby you can lift the mattress into the air to conceal storage - and the drawer option, which makes use of the surface area to tuck drawers under your bed. This means you're more likely to neatly organize your possessions rather than kicking the clutter under your bed, out of site and out of mind.

Best platform beds

A platform bed is your most standard bed frame. Typically a low profile bed with a sturdy base, the platform style easily holds up the mattress. It's the most simple style and typically has four feet at each corner that are sometimes embellished. They are usually made of wood but can also be made of metal for extra strength.

Best four poster beds

A four poster bed makes quite the statement. Instead of shying away from the spotlight, it's a piece of furniture that can focus the eye and emphasize the space's purpose as a relaxing area for sleeping. Some posters join together at the top, and can even be added to with soft, sheer curtains for a relaxing feel.

Best low profile beds

Low-profile beds, or floor beds are all the rage, embracing what we love about Mid Century modern living room furniture - think low-backed sofas - to the bedroom. There is something relaxing about a low-profile bed, giving more space for the room to breathe. A low-profile bed frame will also reduce the chance of your bedroom clutter building up under the bed. I like these three super simple frames.

What size should my bed be?

The standard length of a single and double bed is 75 inches. A king-size and super king bed typically measures around 78 inches, so if you are particularly tall, this might be a preferable option. In terms of width, a single measures 38 inches, a double measures 53 inches, a king size comes to 59 inches and a super king is 70 inches wide. 

‘You each want at least 23 inches on either side of the bed to make it comfortable,’ advises interior designer, stylist, and Ensemblier brand director, Tara Craig, which, for a couple, is accommodated by anything upwards of the standard double bed. Always take measurements of your room to envisage how the space will be taken up by the bed, and factor in floor space, room for bedside tables, and avoid a tight squeeze between the wall.

What is the best type of mattress?

When it comes to the best mattresses around, a pocket spring mattress is a better option over memory foam and coil spring mattresses. 

A coil spring mattress connects together with one wire running through the mattress so you really feel the motion. A pocket spring is made up of individual springs, so movement is isolated.

Cotton is breathable, while silk and wool make for a more luxury bedroom. A memory foam mattress is comfortable at first, shaping to the imprint of your body, but the foam doesn’t allow for the vital circulation of air. Memory foam is also not particularly environmentally friendly, difficult to break down and recycle and often containing chemicals in the foam. 

A harder bed isn’t necessarily better for a bad back and correct support depends on your weight, height and sleeping position. Remember to invest in a mattress topper too, making your bed extra comfortable and helping your bed to last longer.

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