These 12 Wood Accent Chairs are Too Good to Keep to Myself — The Perfect Mid-Century Touch for Your Living Room

Designers say mid-century modern will return in a big way this year, and these 12 wood accent chairs, handpicked by a professional shopper, fit the trend perfectly

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No matter the trend, time of year, or cultural lean, there is one piece of design advice I don't think will ever get old: when in doubt, go natural (as in natural materials). A piece built from organic materials almost always lasts longer and appears more timeless than one comprised of manufactured compounds and textiles, which means you can use it in homes and offices for years to come. That's why wood accent chairs are some of the best accent chairs you can buy. Whether they feature a fully wooden frame or incorporate some upholstered or leather accents here or there, such a chair feels quintessential, high-end, and grounding in any space.

'A wooden accent chair would work well in various design schemes, including rustic, farmhouse, mid-century modern, or Scandinavian styles,' says Nina Lichtenstein, founder and principal home designer at Nina Lichtenstein Custom Home Design. 'It can also complement eclectic or transitional rooms. In rustic or farmhouse styles, it enhances the warm, natural ambiance, while in mid-century modern or Scandinavian designs, it contributes to the clean lines and organic feel. It works well in eclectic or transitional rooms by providing a versatile piece that bridges different aesthetics.'

Nina's advice in mind, I've taken a look at some of the very best wood accent chairs on the market right now and compiled them into one handy edit below — so that you can shop for a new piece for every room. I mean, they're so versatile... why not?

12 of the best wood accent chairs

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How should I style a wood accent chair?

'Adding an accent chair enriches a space by providing extra seating, enhancing the room's aesthetic, and introducing a focal point,' Nina tells me. 'Moreover, it can bring texture, color, or a contrasting element to complement the existing decor and elevate the room's design.'

When styling your new wood accent chair, she suggests first considering the 'room's overall theme.' For more of a 'rustic look, pair it with earthy tones, textured throws, and natural materials,' she says. But 'in a modern setting, opt for clean lines and neutral colors to emphasize simplicity.' You can then enhance the chair's appeal by adding a 'complementary throw pillow or cozy blanket, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.'

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