The 15 Best Storage Baskets to Declutter Your Life

'Where should I put that?' A storage basket is always the answer. Shop the best storage baskets to organize your life in style

Best storage baskets, according to a style editor.
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A touch of extra organization is something many of us could use. Whether it's the frustration of items falling from closets or the challenge of locating a favorite t-shirt, the need for order is apparent, even if the task feels a bit overwhelming.

To simplify the process, I curated a list of the best storage baskets available. These catch-all closet organization ideas are designed to accommodate anything from extra decor to clothing and bedding. Whatever your organizational needs, there's a perfect basket waiting for you right here.

Best Storage Baskets

According to Julianna Melamed of Full Service Living, 'storage baskets are great for miscellaneous household item storage such as toilette paper, dish rags, back-stock of cleaning supplies'  — and pretty much anything else! Julianna is a proponent of labeling hers for added convenience. 'It’s so much nicer to look at baskets then dig through shelves to find household supplies!'


'My personal favorite use of storage baskets is in my closet,' explains Julianna. 'I use canvas storage baskets (and label them) for seasonal clothing. The baskets go on the top shelf, so they aren’t eating up any usable closet space.'

However, storage baskets need not be kept out of sight. Quite the contrary, Julianna says handsome ones, like the wicker variety with tops, make for wonderful decor. They 'can be displayed in the living room or bedroom and hold all extra blankets and pillows.'

The perfect choice for anywhere and anything, a storage basket is about as versatile as it gets, giving good reason to invest in a few for yourself — you'll be happy you did!

Tight on space? Storage baskets make for a lovely small bedroom storage idea.

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