Want to Know How to Dress Your Bed With Green Walls? Designers Share How to Create a Calming Sleep Space

From shades of soothing sage to deep forest hues, it can be tricky to work out complementary bedding colors for green walls. Here, we asked the experts for you

A pale green bedroom with symmetrical layout
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Green is, without a doubt, one of the most calming colors to envelop a bedroom in, so it's no surprise that you may have chosen to do so. What you may be more stuck on though, is working out what color bedding goes with green walls?

The good news is that there are lots of colors that go with green, but not all of these pairings are ideal for a bedroom. You want a combination that feels relaxing yet modern — avoiding anything feeling too busy, too boring, or too green.

With help from the experts, we’re delving into how to make your bedding work best with green walls, to design a space that’s harmonious and restful. Here's what they have to say.

What color bedding should I use with green walls?

traditional style bedroom with olive green shiplap walls

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Emily and Jonathan Attwood, founders of luxury bedding brand Scooms, say that their top picks in terms of bedding colors in a green bedroom are white, beige and soft pastels.

‘Beige and warm neutrals will add a softer contrast and bring an earthy feel, while soft muted pastels such as pinks and blues will bring in subtle color that will keep the bedroom set for rest and relaxation,’ they say.

In reality, green walls and bedding can be quite a tricking pairing, so it's best to keep the complementary shade neutral and add in other elements to soften the scheme. Here's three things that designers recommend to keep in mind when dressing a bed next to green walls.


A green panelled bedroom with a dark wood bed and white sheets

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Is there anything better than climbing into crisp, white sheets at night? The nostalgic feelings they conjure of hotel stays and weekends away only enrich that feeling of relaxation that you ultimately want to escape to at the end of the day. That's why we think white is the best bedding set you can choose for a green bedroom.

No matter the shade you've gone for — be that a soft sage or deep forest — you know that quality white sheets will be a positively timeless addition to the space, and will elevate the green walls depth though contrast.

‘White sheets will also help to brighten the room and create a fresh, calming look, allowing your walls to be the focal point, but without overwhelming the space,’ advises Emily and Jonathan.


green bedroom ideas

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No matter what color you choose for the largest area of your bedding (most likely the comforter), layers are vital to creating the ultimate finish. ‘Layering has a huge impact on the welcoming and calming feeling of a room,' says designer Rebecca Udall. 'This can be through color, texture and different forms. For example, scalloped bed linen can be an antidote to the often found square shapes in bedrooms, helping to soften the overall feel.'

Combining textures and shades will also add depth and coziness. ‘For dark green walls, use crisp white, cotton sheets as your bedding base and then add layers of beige, deep green and mustard in tactile throws and cushions for a rich, earthy and inviting scheme,’ says Emily and Jonathan.

This will help to create a cozy sanctuary conducive to a good night's sleep, softening the boldness of the dark walls. ‘If you want a fresher take, opt for textiles and accessories in pastel shades such as soft blues, pinks and mints,' the duo adds. 'This will add gentle color whilst uplifting the scheme with life and energy.’

You should also think about the throw pillows and blanket you’d like to showcase, as offering that little bit of detail can create a big impact. ‘Having four pillows on the bed really makes a difference — it feels luxurious and welcoming,' Emily and Jonathan explain.

In terms of how to style a bed, designer Rebecca Udall says: 'Large square pillows are great, they are very helpful for reading in bed. I then find that one or two large rectangular cushions adding in texture and color work very well, and are not too cumbersome to remove at the end of the day.’

It's best to choose colors you’ve pulled from other areas of the space, and elevate the foot of the bed with a patterned comforter in a weighty, tactile material you can't resist.


A mint green bedroom with terracotta sheet overhanging the bed

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Layering different shades of green may feel a little tricky to begin with, but one you start experimenting, you'll soon get to grips with what green linen bedding works and what doesn't. For the most part, it's all about the balance between shades — we're looking for a monochromatic color scheme, not monotonous one.

For example, if you match your bedding to your walls (a la color drenching) you could potentially result in creating quite an overwhelming space, depending on the shade. However, if you pull in lighter shades of green to balance your darker walls and create a soft contrast, or introduce a different color to split the areas and layers up (like seen with the burnt orange in the bedroom above), it should create a much calmer environment.

‘Little details such as colored trims on bed linens can really elevate a room,' says Rebecca. 'Both minimalist or more maximalist styles can work — so be true to your own style and what you are drawn to’


green bedroom ideas

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Green reminds us of the natural world, so Amanda Wiss, founder of New York City-based companies Urban Staging and Urban Clarity, says it's best to roll with that theme.

'You can opt for anything from cotton to linen to wool to enhance the perception of a grounded, natural abode,' she says. 'If your walls are green, chances are they are already the show-stopping color in the room. Opt for neutrals, but don’t be afraid to add smaller accents of bold colors in throw pillows, blankets, or lighting, for example.'

Be inspired by other tones and textures found in nature by including wooden furniture, neutral cottons and linens, and warm finishes to soften the room and really let the green walls sing.

So while red may be a complementary color, and blue and pink bedding could add plenty of interest to your verdant sleeping space, the most versatile, stylish and timeless approach for bedding to go with green walls is to keep it simple with white, beige or cream sheets.

You can add other color and texture through extra dressings for your bedroom — whether that's throw pillows, blankets or even curtains — satisfying your color urges while keeping your bed linen itself, effortlessly chic.

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