These trending throw pillows designers love are launching as pillowcases – they make it so easy to elevate your bed

The decorative scalloped edge on these pillowcases brings a playful burst of color to the bedroom

a pink bedroom with blue four poster bed
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Everywhere you look right now, scalloped edges triumph. Whether it's wavy mirrors, winding woodwork, or rippling rattan headboards, curved lines are without a doubt the prevailing theme of 2023. A personal favorite of ours is a delicate scallop trim on pillows, and this designer-approved bedding brand has just launched its iconic design in pillowcase form. 

Bed Threads' colorful pillows are made from 100% flax linen, which is brilliant for your bedroom, but most than they're practical, it's the curved edge detail in a contrasting shade that really makes them stand out. They're the perfect touch if you want to replicate the playful folksy-meets-cottagecore trend that's all over our Instagram feeds right now, encompassing color, curves, and pattern drenching. 

The new collection also includes a total of 10 colorways available in both Standard, King, and European sizes, so you can rest assured there's something to match your space. In case you needed any more convincing as to why scalloped bed linen should be top of your A/W wish list, here's what designers have to say, alongside tips on how to style the look in your modern bedroom

A bedroom with terracotta colored bedding and scalloped trim pillows

(Image credit: Bed Threads)

Scalloped-edged throw pillows have been on our radar for quite some time and it's a look we've been championing here at Livingetc. Something about the pairing of soft, sinuous lines with delicate organic materials like cotton and linen marries so wonderfully, and that's why we were thrilled to discover these new bed pillow varieties. And it's something interior designers have been drawn to, too. 

'Adding a scalloped edge detail is a simple, soft, and affordable way to add charm to any interior,' says interior designer, Rose Deeb. 'The trend is a contemporary take on a classic design feature, and more individuals are starting to appreciate the beauty of those playful details, especially when incorporated into contemporary designs.' 

For a living room, she suggests pairing scalloped edge cushions with a neutral or monochromatic accent chair. 'In a bedroom, they make a delightful addition to a checkered or striped fabric headboard,' she says. 'They allow you to infuse a sense of fun without the commitment of a larger, more permanent fixture, making it easier to adapt and evolve your space over time.' 

A white bedroom with lavender and light green bedding and pink pillows with a green scalloped edge

(Image credit: Bed Threads)

In general, this pillowcase style certainly speaks more to spring and summer, but you can use the more wintery colorways to switch your bedding up for the season (we think the Hazelnut and Terracotta pillowcase captures the pivot into fall perfectly). If, however, it's not a style you're ready to welcome in your own bedroom, the hotel-like feel of scalloped-edge pillows makes them a great way to brighten up a dull guest room. 

That's exactly how Stephanie Astri, director of Arlen Interiors, used them in her client's home where she used European statement pillows in place of a headboard. 'The scalloped edges add softness, curves, and interest to a small, boxy guest bedroom,' she says. 'I opted for statement pillows and a large artwork rather than a bedhead mainly due to my client’s budget,' she explains, 'but these cushions can be styled anywhere - think beds, bench seats, and even armchairs if the backing is high enough.'

Ready to style your bed with some decorative detailing? Scallop-edged pillows make the perfect touch. 

Our favorite scalloped pillowcase colorways

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