6 things seriously organized people always have in their bathrooms that make these spaces work much better

Add these organizers to your bathroom and you'll have a self-care sanctuary that's efficient, aesthetic, and clutter-free

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There are two types of people in this world - those with organized bathrooms and those without. Those of us who belong to the latter camp would probably rather be in the former, so why not take a leaf out of their book? 

You see, there's one thing beautifully arranged bathrooms have in common besides an organized owner, and that's a handful of tried and tested tools, bins, and bathroom homeware accessories. Curbing clutter is key to an efficient and aesthetic space, and organizing the stuff you own is a reliable route to the efficiently organized space you crave. 

To help you invest more wisely in the bathroom organizers and storage solutions you actually need, we asked some seriously organized people to list the key items you'll find within their modern bathroom. Here are six that you should add to your self-care sanctuary. 

1. A shower caddy

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There's nothing worse - or more dangerous - than a shower floor that's cluttered with cosmetic bottles. A great way to keep your shower room organized, especially if you're limited on space, is with a wall-mounted shower caddy (bonus points if it has suction cups for easy installation!) 

Professional organizer Di Ter Avest suggests using a corner shower caddy on the opposite side of the shower head. 'This trick will maximize your space and, in turn, make your shower feel larger,' she says. If you don't want to attach a caddy to the wall, you can also purchase one that hooks over your showerhead so you can remove it easily. 

If you have kids, don't forget that a caddy might need to extend to bath toys. 'Gather all bath toys and put them to dry in a corner toy organizer,' says Di. 'This hammock organizer from Amazon is especially helpful for parents who share a bathroom with their kids and want to shower in a clutter-free space.' 

2. Storage baskets and containers 

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Another bathroom storage solution no home should go without is a host of baskets, bins, and containers dotted about the space to hold all those miscellaneous cosmetics that can easily clutter your surfaces. Whether it's a wicker basket to hold clean washcloths or a designated cosmetics organizer to keep all your potions and lotions contained, these small investments can make a world of difference, especially in a small bathroom

This also goes for those more granular cosmetic items that you might typically keep in their packaging. 'Organized people always have pretty storage for disposables like Q-tips, cotton balls, and tissue,' says professional organizer Melissa Gugni. 'Not only does it mean you always know where they are, but it's a visual cue for when it's time to buy more.' You're also far more likely to stay on top of your organization when you're inspired by some beautiful storage solutions. 

3. Drawer storage 

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A truly organized space always goes far deeper than what you see on the surface - the people who own these spaces never adopt an 'out of sight, out of mind' mindset. With that in mind, drawer organizers are an absolute must-have addition to your bathroom vanity to keep everything in order. 

'My favorite tip for getting folks organized in the bathroom are these ultra affordable little drawer bins from Amazon,' says Melissa. 'Drawer storage is useless unless it has some sort of dividers, and these bins can be configured to work for nearly any sized drawer and will fit whatever you need to store, from hair ties to floss, to makeup. Just make sure you line them with a grippy mat first to keep them from moving around.' 

Extendable drawer dividers are also a great universal way to configure your drawers to your needs and can be interchanged depending on your storage stock. 'Protect your toothbrush and teeth care products from bathroom germs by keeping them in these clean, organized, and closed spaces,' says Di. 

4. Under sink storage 

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Whether you have a bathroom vanity, a pedestal sink, or a floating basin, under-sink storage is a great way to maximize your bathroom. Make use of the space by introducing some designated organizers to store the likes of cosmetics and cleaning products.

'Many people don't use the space under a bathroom sink to its full potential,' says Di. 'If you have a closed cabinet, add some labeled containers to define the space, the system, and how it is supposed to be used.' Even if your space isn't enclosed you can buy freestanding wrap-around cabinets for pedestal sinks, or simply add a few wicker baskets and sit them on the floor or a step stool. 

5. Soap storage or a proper dispenser

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Let's face it, disposable liquid soaps in plastic pumps are a total eyesore that detracts from the rest of your design. The truly organized among us will always decant their soaps and shower gels into beautiful, designer-approved dispensers - and better still, mount them on the wall. 

For an organized space with a spa bathroom feel, invest in some reusable dispensers with a timeless design, made from the likes of amber glass or classic stoneware. It's tiny details like this that really raise the game and show that you go the extra mile to keep your bathroom ordered and efficient. 

6. Toilet paper 

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Last but not least, while it might seem obvious, an organized homeowner will always have toilet paper in the bathroom, including plenty of extra stock. 'It might sound funny but I'm in enough homes where there isn't room for even one spare roll,' says Melissa. 'Even a small loo has space for a little holder which means you will never be left without a square.' 

To store your spare rolls, consider a sleek, enclosed holder like this one from Amazon, or simply stack them up on an open shelf within reach of the toilet. 'I like using woven baskets on top of the cistern,' says Di. 'It's functional, ready to use, and adds interest to this unused space.'

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