Designers Always Rely on These 4 Finishing Touches for a Bed for Ultimate Comfort

These chic additions to your bedroom will transform it into an oasis of tranquility

Greige minimal bedroom with large floor mirror, four poster bed and wooden round wall art pieces
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The ideal bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary of serenity and comfort. We often mistakenly assume that the only way to float into the deepest sleep and truly unwind is on vacation, but why not bring that hotel level of luxury into your personal bedroom? Contrary to popular belief, this is not an unachievable home goal. In fact, a few extra additions to your room can truly transform the space into a zen zone made to relax in.

Designers always fall back on some simple finishing touches that not only tie a room together but convert your bed into a restful oasis. Here, we spoke to a couple of experts and have curated a list of the best items to give your room the cozy vibe it deserves. Treat your room to these must-have additions and you'll have all the makings of a chic modern bedroom and a super serene space.

1. Bolster Pillows

A bolster cushion in green velvet

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Interior design expert Alexander Shepel, founder of Shepel studio, rightly points out that in any hotel room, the bed is undoubtedly the star of the space, so why should it be any different under your own roof? 'The most effective way to recreate the indulgent feel of a hotel bed is to add texture on texture, and incorporating decorative elements in the form of pillows and throws is a great way to do so,' he says.

We happen to think that bolster pillows are the perfect finishing touch to make a bed look like it's straight out of a resort. These plush cylindrical pillows can be used in place of throw pillows for a touch of decor. However, they do double as cuddle pillows especially when they come in soft fabrics like velvet and sateen. Bolster pillows in vibrant colors can enliven the room but we also recommend finding them in soft colors that match the tone of your sheets for a more cohesive look.

2. Soft Throws

Headboard ideas in modern bedroom

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If you're a serial interior design Pinterest-er like me, you've come across plenty of trendy throw blankets that would look right at home effortlessly draped across your bedspread. Well, consider this your sign to get yourself a lovely throw to elevate your bedscape.

If visual elegance isn't reason enough, certified sleep science coach Carlie Gasia from Sleepolosis swears by using throw blankets in the bedroom. 'Creating a cozy bed environment is beneficial for promoting restful sleep,' she says. 'And if you're ever worried about getting chilly during the night, I’d suggest keeping a throw blanket at the end of your bed just in case.'

The best part about a soft throw is that it'll keep you warm and the enhanced aesthetic of your room is purely a bonus. Carlie recommends using throw blankets made from cotton or linen for breathability during the hotter seasons and warmer fabrics like flannel for the colder months. So, if the beauty of a throw isn't reason enough, perhaps word from a sleep expert will convince you of the versatility of this cushy blanket hybrid.

3. Bed Runners

A riverside bedroom in neutral tones filled with natural light.

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When you think of a classic bedroom setup, you can't help but include the thought of a colorful bed runner splayed across the foot of the bed, and as it turns out this is a quaint expert-approved finishing touch that you should be adding to the perfect the vibe of a cozy bedroom. Sleep expert Julia Forbes tells us that it's important to invest in must-haves like a quality mattress, pillow, and bedding that fits our sleep preferences. However, she also adds that once you have your basic bed needs, then you can look for aesthetically pleasing items to add a personalized look.

It's these bedroom add-ons that make your room more aligned with your personal style. So if you find yourself wanting to indulge in making your living space a little extravagant, a bed runner might do just the trick. While it may seem largely insignificant, it can truly pull the whole look together. Matching it to the bedroom wall color will give it a monochrome finish but you can also add in a bright complimentary hue for more of a statement.

4. Pillow Scents

A bed with beautifully stacked pillows

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When considering the atmosphere of a room, it's easy to overlook the fragrance of a space and the role it plays in setting the mood. It might not be an aesthetic contribution, but paying attention to the best scents for sleep could be the ultimate finishing touch for your bedroom.

Co-founder of Earl of East, Paul Firmin, agrees. 'Crisp linen bedding and lots of pillows make the bed a place to really sink into after a busy day,' he says. 'But you can also benefit from a night of deep sleep with the help of a pillow scent.' Paul recommends Earl of East's Nerumae Sleep Mist, concocted with notes of Mandarin, Lavender, Geranium, and Frankincense, to help create a state of calm. 'It's a great one to spritz if you find yourself awake in the night and are struggling to fall back to sleep,' he says.

Fragrances of eucalyptus, cardamom, and white sage also come highly recommended by fragrance expert Brittany Bell. She informs us that these warm woody aromas are known to transcend feelings of renewal and relaxation, making them the perfect pillow scents for an amazing-smelling home.

Finally, Amanda Wiss, founder of Urban Staging, notes that the best beds look both clean and comfortable. She mentions that the perfect place to start when creating a snug bed is to find yourself a crisp white sheet and then layer it with blankets, throws, and pillows to your heart's content.

Introducing these finishing touches to your bed will bring you joy and will help you drift into a sound sleep without having to count sheep incessantly. So add that throw, curl around that bolster pillow, spritz your linens, and take in the tranquility of your bedroom.


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