'You'll Always Look Forward to Waking up!' — 4 Changes to Make in Your Home for a Seamless Morning Routine

These simple changes will transform the way you start your day

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The morning always seems like a manic rush. Whether you're an early riser or prefer a later alarm, morning routines can be haphazard and stressful. There's always so much to do and so little time, so anything that makes the routine slightly more seamless is very much welcomed. 

The five-to-nine trend that's been sweeping social media might make you long for more productive mornings, and while no one should feel inferior for not waking up at five AM, the benefits of creating a well-rehearsed and considered morning routine are something to shout about. The tone of your morning dictates the rest of the day, so finding a routine that works for you is imperative. Whether that's switching the layout of your modern kitchen or enlivening your senses with some uplifting aromas, small changes can make a world of difference.

To help you on your quest for an optimum morning routine, we've collated a list of changes you can make around the home that are guaranteed to kick your day off right and make it easier to get out the door on time. Here's what you need to know.

1. Enliven your senses with scent

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We all want to make our home smell amazing, but you might not have previously considered scent as a tool to transform your surroundings as part of your morning routine. Utilizing aromatherapy and scentscaping in your morning routine can transform the way you feel, and routinely using a fragrance when you wake up will help you associate that fragrance with the start of the day to help energize you. 

'Scentscaping is the process of using different aromas throughout the home,' says Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education for Aromatherapy Associates. 'This can trigger emotional responses to the different scents in separate parts of your home depending on how you want to feel,' she explains.

To get started, look for scents to uplift and energize your mood such as citrus and peppermint, and add a diffuser or air freshener to your bedroom (preferably on a timer so it kicks in in the morning).

 Aromatic benefits on our well-being are oft-overlooked, and Aromatherapy Associates is working to correct this oversight. Their small but mighty atomizer (available here at Saks) fills every space with beautiful aromas, and thanks to the clever control settings, you can decide exactly when to fill your home with your chosen scent. A great choice for the early morning is their scent Revive. A blend of, 'reviving grapefruit, refreshing bergamot, and uplifting neroli awaken and energize for a moment of renewal,' so even a morning adverse person will look forward to waking up. 

2. Reorganize the fridge

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Having an organized fridge will instantly make the experience of reaching for your breakfast much better. No matter how organized you think you are, mornings will always be a scramble. Having a space in your fridge dedicated to breakfast food will allow you to make your morning meal without added mess or stress.

'Having a dedicated "breakfast zone" speeds up the process of grabbing what you need,' says designer Artem Kropovinsky. Fortunately, there are loads of affordable fridge organization accessories out there to help make this easier, including these clever retractable drawers, available from Amazon, which have my seal of approval.

3. Create a morning station

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To make the mornings seamless you want to have all your necessary items in one area. Optimizing the layout of your home to help aid a seamless morning will be one of the best things you do. What is better still is the principle can be applied to multiple places around the home.

The most obvious place to create a designated morning zone is the kitchen. The fridge organization is one way to do this, however, you shouldn't stop there. Professional organizer Laura Price recommends keeping all your appliances and crockery in a similar place too so that it's within easy reach. 'Creating a breakfast station is the most effective way to optimize your kitchen layout,' she says.

Why not apply the same principle to other rooms in your home? Your bedroom, for example, could have a place for your clothes for the following day to avoid that morning panic of having nothing to wear. Or, consider adding a catchall basket in your entryway that holds all the essentials that you'd otherwise forget. Rather than searching through the house for your keys and various other items, simply find everything in the basket as you head out the door. 

4. Curate a coffee station

a fluted coffee station in a kitchen

(Image credit: Stoffer Design. Hardware: Armac Martin)

All good mornings start with coffee. Not only does it provide a much-needed boost of energy, but it also offers a moment of calm and reflection amidst the chaos, and having a well-stocked, and aesthetic coffee bar is an essential part of creating a seamless morning routine. 

The layout of your coffee station can dramatically speed up your routine too. 'The coffee station needs to enhance the experience of making coffee, not hinder it,' says coffee expert Natalka Antoniuk, from Barista & Co. 'If I were designing a chic coffee station, I'd think about the steps and how I use the equipment.' 

Think about how you use more machines and design accordingly. For example, having the coffee grinder and tools to prepare the puck on one side, and a useful knock box (like this one from Amazon) on the other. Obviously, you want to ensure you have the best coffee machine, too. If you really hope to create a fully optimized morning routine, you'll want to invest in an intelligent machine that does the hard work for you. Our in-house coffee expert dubs the Breville Barista Pro 'possibly the best espresso machine on the market'.

To complete the coffee station, have a collection of your most aesthetic mugs next to the machine so you'll be raring to go as soon as you wake up. 

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