'They'll Make Life So Much Easier!' Professional Organizers Say These 6 Buys From IKEA Are Worth Every Penny

These are the tried and tested IKEA organizers that professionals say are well worth the investment

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If you're on a mission to organize your home, IKEA is a great place to turn. When it comes to creating organizational systems that help to streamline your everyday life, they have gadgets and gizmos aplenty. However, the Swedish homeware store is also renowned as a budget brand, and while we love a bargain buy as much as the next person, you still want to ensure you're getting your money's worth when it comes to purchasing organizers. 

In situations like this, it's best to spend your money on tried and tested products. Since professional organizers are most familiar with the realm of organizing tools and systems, we rely on their word to help us decide if an organizer is really a worthy spend. After all, there's nothing more redundant than a useless organizer. In fact, buy the wrong one and all it's going to do is make you more disorganized than you were to start with. Here are six expert-approved organizational buys from IKEA you can actually count on to organize your home and make your day-to-day life so much easier.

1. VARIERA shelf insert

A kitchen cabinet with shelf risers

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It might sound rudimentary, but there are few products that organize your kitchen better than shelf inserts. If you're working with a limited space or simply want to streamline your kitchen cabinets so you can fit more in, the VARIERA shelf riser is certainly a worthy buy. 

'The VARIERA shelf is perfect for maximizing cabinet space in kitchens, providing a practical solution for organizing plates, bowls, and other kitchen essentials,' says William Horton, professional organizer at Homebody Forever. You can also purchase various sizes and fix them together with screws to make a tiered system, as seen above Priced from just $10, it's hard to go wrong with this trusty organizer.

2. SKOSTALL shoe storage

A wire shoe holder

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There are few objects more notoriously difficult to organize than shoes. Regular shoe racks may help create designated hallway shoe storage for your footwear to live, but they do very little in actually keeping pairs together and, as we all know, there's nothing more annoying than searching for your lost sneaker when you're already strapped for time. Sound familiar? IKEA's SKOSTALL shoe organizer could be the answer to your woes. 

'As an alternative to the traditional shoe rack, I use these vertical shoe organizers to keep pairs together and save space,' explains Amanda Wiss, founder of NYC-based home organizing firm Urban Clarity. 'They are easily visible, which makes them easy to keep organized, and you can store twice as many shoes per shelf in a snap.' This compact device will fit neatly in your closet too, so you can order your shoes in neat rows. At just $3.49 each, it's a no-brainer.

3. KUGGIS storage bins

White storage bins in alcove shelving

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If you want to reduce the appearance of visual clutter, storage bins are a must. From cords and chargers to paperwork and clothing accessories, they're an absolute lifesaver when it comes to keeping your stuff contained. If you're looking for a simple, sleek, and durable option, look no further than IKEA's KUGGIS containers.

'I love these bins because they come in all shapes and sizes,' says Amanda. 'I prefer these to bins with handle pulls because they look a bit simpler and function the same way. The lid slots into the top, so often-used items are easily accessible. These are best for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, where you want to reduce visual clutter, but still have access to all your goods.' 

4. BROR trolley

An IKEA trolley used as a kitchen side table

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What's better than a shelf organizer? A transportable shelf organizer. The BROR trolley has castor wheels so you can easily maneuver it between rooms, and it's so versatile it can be used as a storage solution in virtually any space, from the shed to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

We especially love its utility in the kitchen where it can make a great alternative to an island. 'For those small kitchens that need extra surface and storage space where they have none this makes a great makeshift island,' notes Kim Corey of Finely Sorted organizing service. 'It's also easy to move to clean underneath!'

5. SNUDDA lazy Susan 

An IKEA lazy susan holding jars and condiments

(Image credit: IKEA)

Nearly every organizer you meet will recommend a lazy Susan somewhere in the home, whether it's inside kitchen cabinets to make deep shelves accessible or used as a platter for serving food. You might associate them with 80s dinner parties, but these old-school organizers are one of the items you'll always find in a super organized kitchen. There's almost certainly a place for one in your home, and the IKEA SNUDDA is a more aesthetically pleasing one than most. 

'I love putting lazy susans in cabinets for bottles of vinegars and oils,' says California-based organizer Melissa Gugni. 'So many of my clients love to cook and have many different oils and vinegars that they use frequently, but in a regular cabinet, only the ones in the front seem to get used. My trick is to use small lazy Susans. It may seem counterintuitive but while an extra large one will hold more, it means there is more opportunity for things to get lost in the middle.' Measuring 15 inches, we think the SNUDDA is an ideal size in most cases. 

6. SNURRAD fridge turntable 

An open fridge with a clear plastic turn table on the shelf

(Image credit: IKEA)

Organizing a fridge is no mean feat, and the exact configuration will all depend on your and your family's needs. That said, there's one item we absolutely love for making all your jars and condiments easily accessible, and it's a favorite of professional organizers, too. It's called the SNURRAD, and this nifty little contraption is the best way to maximize space in your fridge.  

Why, I hear you ask? 'It takes up minimal space while also allowing you to reach items that usually get lost in the back of the fridge,' explains Jennifer Abernathy, kitchen shopping blogger at Shop with Jenniabs. 'The shape works so much better than the traditional round lazy Susan and the unique way it turns without bumping into the wall is so cool!' 

If you're the type to eschew the flat-pack furniture giants in fear of self-assembly you'll pleased to hear there's no tricky instruction involved with installing the SNURRAD, either. It simply fastens to your shelf with suction cups and makes streamlining your food storage a breeze!

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