Lick paint: The New Online Paint Brand That Does Next Day Delivery

Order Lick paint for this weekend, and have it delivered by tomorrow. Everything you need for your happily ever before and after.

As we spend another week indoors Lick paint is seeing an online spike in sales.

With little else to distract – no sports, no meet-ups, no social events – has there ever been a better time to tackle that decorating project that you've been putting off?

Tapping in to the growing online market for paints and wallpapers, Lick Home is the new brand on the block, revolutionising the way consumers shop for and decorate their homes, and Lick paints come in all the colours we really want to see, with Lick paint reviews being some of the strongest around.

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With only 4% of people currently buying paint online (at least before the lockdown), Lick Home aims to tackle this head on, offering next-day home delivery of samples, supplies, paints and wallpapers, available from the comfort of your home – without having to leave it. And contact-free deliveries via DHL mean orders can be left on doorsteps or in a designated safe place.

Aside from their curated list of 49 Lick paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs, Lick Home also offer next-day delivery of highly-pigmented peel-and-stick samples to test colours or wallpaper designs on your walls at home. For uhhming and ahhing fence-sitters, there are video consultations with colour specialists who offer expert advice and recommendations (£45 for approximately three rooms, appointments usually last around one hour.)

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It's a brave time to be launching a new business, but the launch couldn't have been better timed with many home DIY stores closing after the UK lockdown, and limiting availability online too. Last week alone paint sales surged by 12.9%.

So, what colour paints will people be buying? Lick’s Colour Specialist suggests that Lick paints like green, blue or yellow would be the most beneficial to our mood and mental wellbeing.

'The colour blue has very positive effects on the mind and body. As the colour of the sky and ocean, blue invokes rest and encourages feelings of calm and tranquility, leading to a more positive mindset.'

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'Yellow is closely associated with happiness, bringing energy and warmth to any room. Lick Home’s Yellow 02 gives the feeling of warm sun rays whilst Yellow 01 has a subtle, cheeky charm. When used in a child’s bedroom it can also increase concentration and memory.'

Or go for a blend of the two with an uplifting green: 'Green is a very uplifting colour for your home. Being a combination of yellow and blue, green encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue. Green is well-known to make you feel optimistic and refreshed, as it is one of the most restful colours for your eyes.'

'For those who love the outdoors, green can also bring an outdoorsy, natural feel into your home.'

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