Ikea's New Storage Collection is All About Celebrating Ordinary Stuff

Whether its treasured old letters, your baby's school project or an action figure collection, many of us love to safeguard meaningful objects - and, if carefully displayed, these can be a fantastic way to add personality to an interior.

Enter IKEA's latest collection thatcelebrates, well, your collections.This August, IKEA is launching its latest limited-edition range, SAMMANHANG;a collection of open and closed units for displaying belongings.

Perfect for people who lament having 'too much stuff' – Ikea's new storage range encourages guilt-free collecting. It taps into the trend for display and museum-inspired showcasing.

In order to create the new range, IKEA approached ten designers and asked them to look at what people tend to collect, and come up with ways to make room for these things in the home.

What is the best way to showcase a vintage camera collection? And what about primary school artwork?

SAMMANHANG is an eclectic group of pieces, from glass vessels and small mesh boxes to display stands and shelves.These pieces are designed to bring a sense of order and beauty to any collection of objects.

The Swedish furniture retailer says the new collection shows a side of Ikea storage that customers perhaps aren't used to seeing.

More often than not, storage offers a way to keep items out of sight, to aid decluttering and a more minimalist lifestyle – with people like Marie Kondo leading the way. But this is about celebrating the items that you have.

IKEA explains: "The SAMMANHANG collection is not here to judge you for loving to collect stuff, nor is it here to steal the spotlight from your collection. It’s just here to make it look better - to celebrate your personal process of collecting."

The collection is available in store and online from August 2018.

Lotte Brouwer

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