A contemporary house in Montauk, Long Island. On the ground floor there is an open-plan living room, kitchen and dining area, plus a WC. The master suite is on the first floor; down a flight of stairs there is a games room, leading to a basement cinema room and guest bedroom, plus a WC. There is also a guest wing with three bedroom suites.


The owners of this house rescued it from bland obscurity after falling for its ‘spare and simple’ architecture, which conceals interesting shifts of level and sightlines.Hugged by an L-shape of swimming-pool blue, with the azure sea beyond, the main living spaces and master bedroom look over the pool, while a subterranean guest bedroom has a window that peeks into the pool at underwater level. This made dipping into the owner's favourite colour, turquoise, an easy choice.

The property’s varying levels create an open flow, yet quieter, more private nooks and interesting turns are interspersed throughout. The juxta- position of cubes and cantilevering is striking, so the owners wanted to let the architecture still hold sway, yet create interest and lifeinside the space.

Eglomise mirror glass adds texture to the kitchen’s sleek, monochrome base notes.


Once the real estate deal was done, the owners swept through the interlocking series of white spaces spreading colour, pattern and warmth. The property was crying out for some kicks of brightness, so their go-to shades of turquoise, zingy greens and luminous aqua woke things up.Barely-there glass and a curtain of chain-mail flank the stairs up to the master suite.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)


The owner worked with the vibrant greens and shades of heather and lavender that flourish in the garden in summer, and ushered them into this space.

The sculpture of the girl leading the giant is a family favourite.


This space was previously an undefined corridor, linking the living areas and guest bedrooms. It has now been injected 'fun and brilliance’.

An interesting nook has been created at the end of this room, with an odd juxtapositions of things the owners have found on their travels. The painting is by a talented young LA artist.


This bedroom is cantilevered over the pool and looks out to sea. The painting The Animal Watcher presides over the bedroom space.


The photograph came from a charity auction and reflects the owner's former love of backpacking.

Photography / Matthew Williams

Styling / Alexa Hotz