Collab Alert: Emma J Shipley x Clarke & Clarke

Tropical prints on overdrive. Minimalists, look away now...

Following on from the successful Animalia collaboration between Clarke & Clarke and textile designer Emma J Shipley, the two are joining forces once more for a fabulously exotic range of furniture.

This is the Soho chair upholstered in Kruger Lime

The fantastic upholstered pieces see designs taken from Shipley’s imaginative pencil drawings, many inspired by Victorian botanical illustrations, scaled and coloured to create colourful, punchy patterns.

This is the Langley chair in Rousseau Blue

The new furniture range, exclusive to Harrods, is upholstered in Shipley’s most iconic designs; the Audubon, Kruger and Tigris.

Inspired by trips to the Amazon, Africa and the Far East, the designs are scattered with curious beasts and imaginary animals in a maximalist jungle environment.

This is the Dalston chair in Audubon Gold

The range includes the ‘Antoinette’ chair, a modern interpretation of a classic French-style dining chair, with a carved wooden frame painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Railings’, the ‘Soho’ and ‘Langley’ occasional chairs, and the ‘Dalston’, a modern take on the classic wingback.

This is the Antoinette chair, upholstered in Audubon Jungle

The Audubon Jungle design, pictured above on the Antoinette chair, features fantastical birds in flight, in rich azure blues, teals and turquoise, popping against a white cotton satin backdrop.

This is the Antoinette chair, upholstered in Kruger Pink

Meanwhile, the Kruger pattern, above, inspired by the African safari park, features half-imagined giraffes, palm trees and unicorn zebras.

This is the Antoinette chair upholstered in Rousseau Lime

A truly maximalist jungle statement, the Rousseau design features winding vines, amingo details, peacock feathers and colourful parrots, printed onto luxurious velvet in rich limes and jungle greens with highlights of pink and coral.

This is the Langley design upholstered in Lemur Navy

The Lemur design features the curious ring-tailed creature surrounded by palms and foliage.

Not for the faint hearted, the Soho Tigris chair features tigers with peacock tails prowling on the reverse of the chair.

This is the Soho chair upholstered in Tigris Flame

Printed on rich velvet, the felines come to life in charcoal, flame orange and golden yellow.

This is the Langley chair in Amazon red

Or how about the Amazon design in striking red, featuring jaguar faces and surrealist parrots?

The collection is available now, for a three month summer pop-up, on the third floor at Harrod’s.

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