The days of the clinical white bathroom are over...

From pitch black and inky blues to slate grey and cool concrete, the dark side rules when it comes to blissful bathing.

After the colour shockers of the 70s, who could blame anyone for sticking to a clean and simple white bathroom palette? But that was then and this is now, and things have moved on considerably. So it’s time to break out the Down Pipe and dispense with boring blanc.

It’s not just paint shades that will lend a modish and moody vibe. Natural stone such as luxurious noir marble, beautiful basalt or elegant granite will darken the tone and take things up a notch, while polished concrete and raw textures will bring an earthy or industrial feel.

Dark ceilings create a cosy cocooning effect but break up the colour with different surfaces, so that it doesn’t feel too imposing. Patterned floor tiles or warm timber will relieve an expanse of black or grey and lighten the look.

Sticking to white sanitaryware will create a cool contrast against subdued shades, and will give you more flexibility, as it’s easy to change the wall colour around it at a later date. Likewise a painted freestanding bath, can always be resprayed and updated in a new hue if you want to change your scheme without a fuss.

Not always seen in bathrooms, luxe wallpapers will ooze opulence. Just keep them at a good distance from the bath, shower or sink areas, where they could be exposed to splashing – or team with smart tiles or elegant panelling in the watery zones for good measure.

Beautiful brassware can make an impact, too. Polished chrome, copper or warm brass or bronze taps, towel rails and shower fittings will shine out and lift a monochrome backdrop and the new generation of black brassware is gorgeous against a white bath or basin.

Add some plants for good measure, and sink into bathtime bliss.


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