Our 5 favourite paint colours from Andrew Martin's debut paint collection

The new water-based paint collection is touch dry in 20 minutes, and is wipeable and stain resistant. We hear you can even wipe away a toddler's unwarranted 'works of art'...

Interiors brand Andrew Martin has launched it's first ever paint collection, featuring 114 gorgeous new colours for walls, furniture and exteriors.

It's the ideal paint collection for interior projects, as the range is eco friendly, super durable, and quick-drying – the paints will be touch dry in just 20 minutes.

What's more, the debut collection promises to be so wipeable that the paint even protects walls from pen marks, so doodles can just be wiped right off – awelcome thought for families with young children!

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Developed in the UK, the new paint collections uses the finest pigments to create a palette of 114 colours, available in four different finishes.

The colours are inspired by global travel, with names like Mount Kilimanjaro, Greek Island, Dutch Tulip, Cornish Cove and Moroccan Souk.

The palette ranges from warm colours like terracotta Tomato Frog, burnt orange Keralan Tumeric, bright orange Satsuma and saffron yellow Tuk Tuk to vibrant brights like Flamingo pink and Lake Tepako mint blue. There are lots of neutrals too, including earthy browns, murky greens, and gorgeous greys, and lots of in-betweens like the taupe Hammock hue.

Livingetc's favourites are the dusty blush Constantinople, hot pink Flamingo, mint blue Lake Tepako, warm grey Great Plains, and soft blue Saharan Skies, but there was a lot of debate!

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Runners up areDutch Tulip, a strong, saturated pink, Sussex Flint, a gorgeous grey, Firefly, a vibrant yellow, and Moroccan Souk, a rich burgundy.

The new paint collection promises to be more durable than others, so you would have to decorate less often, and the new paints are very opaque, so fewer coats are needed – meaning less work and less paint required.

The paint dries so quickly (20 minutes), that you can recoat walls in less than an hour, speeding up home improvement projects.

Plus, as the paints are 100% water based, paint trays, rollers and brushes can be cleaned using just cold water.

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When it came to blending and naming the 114 different colours, Andrew Martin took inspiration from all over – exotic, far flung places, as well as England's coastal towns and places across Europe.

A spokesperson for the brand explained: 'Without the privilege of travel, there would be no Andrew Martin. Seeking inspiration from across the globe, Andrew Martin developed an intrepid design philosophy; that there is beauty to be found in every corner of the world. Whether we are collecting Kuba cloth from the Congo or silk ikats from Thailand, being able to design and curate without borders has been essential for Andrew Martin. Imbued with romance of travel, the premium paint collection pays tribute to the places that has inspired the brand for over 40 years, the discoveries that they have made, and all the people met along the way.'

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The collection is available to buy on andrewmartin.co.uk, Paints start from £39.

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