A mews house in north London on five levels. In the basement there is the childrens’ room, a guest room, utility room and a shower room. On the upper ground floor sits the main bedroom and ensuite bathroom. On the first floor there is the kitchen, study and a loo, while the living area and another loo is on the second floor above which is a roof terrace.


As you walk through the modest entrance hall (pictured top), there’s little more than a discreet stairway to entice you to explore further. But take those few steps upwards and a whole wealth of gorgeousness awaits.


This north London mews home hidesa surprising amount of space.

And while the configuration of the house is upside down, with the living area on the top floor, the wall of windows boasts an incredible view of the skyline.

The design is owed tointerior designer Jo Berryman, who came on board initially to transform the basement from two ensuite bedrooms into one big space for children to play. The basement redesign was such a success thatit seemed mad not to use her for the rest of the house.

The 12-month revamp experience was a tight, efficient process, andwhat remains is a spectacularly beautiful home that’s both comfortable and indulgent.

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The huge black and white artwork and Arco floor lamp were left by the previous owners.

The house is teeming with sharp ideas that maximise its appeal.

And despite there being tons of stairs to deal with, there is an essential WC on every level. Clever thinking!


The original units and island were upcycled by respraying the cupboard doors and replacing the worktops with marble.


The feature wallpaper is composed of ink blots dropped on to rice paper.


This light-filled space in the basement is shared by two youngsters.


Even though the master bedroom is naturally dark, it has metamorphosed into a sensual boudoir that’s so inviting, you might never want to leave.

The wall is covered with a bespoke metallic finish by Jo Berryman Studio in collaboration with Marco Polo Decor.

Jo Berryman intentionally made it a glamorous, grown-up space.


Even the bathroom has Berryman's glamorous touch.

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Photography/Paul Massey